Movie Streaming Trials
Welcome to our dedicated movie amd Tv page. On this page you will discover a great variety of free film services, some you will already know, others you may not know, however they all offer you a free trial of some descript ion so there really isn't anything to loose. We have already become fans of some of these services such as indieflix, Fandor and Epix, its hard for people to look beyond netflix and Amazon instant but take a try at some of these and we promise you will have access to some great films and TV. Its easy to take advantage of all of these free movie trials and end up with months worth of free TV, a great way for a house full of students to never have to pay for tv (legally!).
Furthermore check out our fantastic blogroll for our alternative film reviews of movies you may not know off.
Below are two services which are essentially upgrades to any streaming service, turboflix and playon

This service hides you VPN address, meaning you can trick most streaming services in thinking you are in a different country, this opens up all the netflix libraries worldwide, adding 1000s of titles to your netflix, it also works with numerous country specific streaming services, and its 7 day free trial does not require a credit card so no need to worry about cancelling

PLayOn is installed on your PC/Mac and allows you to take any streaming service and stream it directly to your tv,xbox,PS,roku,Ipad and more, as many of these services are either just on one or two devices or just on desktop, so imagine having all of CBS, Netflix,NBC, MLB,MTV and about 100 other services on one menu. It also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee