MUBI free trial online cinema works differently to most other streaming services.  Whilst it is one of the cheapest it does not have the same extensive library as its competitors. Instead it hand picks a selection of films for its subscribers, meaning it caters for those who love to discover new cinema rather than appealing to the masses with endless amounts of TV and film to watch. Ideal if you do not watch movies all the time but when you do only want to watch the best, however with a free trial price is meaningless.

As Mubi likes to advertise itself as a bespoke online cinema it sure does put effort into being very visually appealing and user friendly, nice crisp clear images large easy to use navigation and text,this may not be to important when watching a film but every little helps I suppose?

Like many of the smaller "lesser known" streaming services trying to compete against netflix it has to branch out and try to do something different, they do this by writing regular film reviews of all the greatest movies and building a community of true film lovers.

To get the most of this service you have to be less picky about what you watch and put all your trust in the service and the films it has to offer. Don't be mistaken the films available for streaming are all great movies with world class internationally famed actors, however I personally know many people who can be picky when it comes to subtitles and what they have never heard of, which is a shame as they miss out on an entire world of great TV and cinema. Discover for yourself with the Mubi free trial.

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