This Showtime free trial is a much needed competitor, long has Amazon's streaming service been playing 2nd fiddle to Netflix. With large bold moves such as hosting the new Jeremy Clarkson car show and their ability to allow you to rent any movie or show not already on their prime library for an additional rental price. Amazon normally comes into its elements around the Christmas period when there is far more content available through your prime account and has then dwindles the rest of the year. 

They have now teamed up with two third parties, Showtime and Starz, which has now given a real turbo boost to what amazon can offer. With the ShowTime add-on you now have access to the full library currently available there. Showtime has already gained a reputation for having such an awesome collection of series, and most notably allows you to even stream live sports providing its viewers with many boxing matches. Previously your Showtime would have had to be a separate account, but now all you have to do is merely connect it to your existing amazon video and away you go, meaning no more bank details to be given away. If you don’t already have an amazon account then you will have to set one up. You could of course go straight to ShowTime, however for one free trial you can get access to both libraries, and as we have tested in the past, cancelling amazon video was by far the easiest out of all our free trial tests. 

One key selling point worth mentioning for Showtime is that unlike Netflix it has the ability to watch live sports. This feature is huge as it’s estimated that over 80% of all Netflix users also watch sports on a regular basis, most of which already pay a premium for additional Satellite or cable TV. Showtime now allow Americans to roll all their viewing needs into one bundle. The only issue is that somethings may be limited in the Showtime free trial, as sports are an extra add-on. However some see it as a more bespoke (build your own) subscription service as much of the content on other services is rubbish, with piles of shows and movies that no one has heard of. 

One thing that is included fully into the ShowTime free trial is their live TV channel. An ad free online channel which has an endless stream of new shows and great movies. This service allows ShowTime to show the latest shows without the need of actually having to buy a full licence to carry them on a full basis. This means they can become a place for all their users to watch the latest episodes and movies, yet another service not offered by the current giants in the streaming industry. With their collection of great shows and film along with its ability to mix live TV and sports all into one package I would highly recommend you to try the ShowTime free trial.