There are dozens of streaming services if not more, many of them will have a selection of horror movies, however some are very limited. In our list here we will go through all the streaming services with a horror collection worth trying.

Some services are dedicated horror streaming platforms, others just have a good horror selection.

Horror movie streaming online - There are dozens of streaming platforms some dedicated to horror movies others just have a great horror genre library to enjoy.

  1. Shudder - 7 days free
  2. Starz - 7 days free
  3. Epix - 7 days free
  4. Full Moon - 7 days
  5. Fear Factory - 30 days free
  6. Monsters & Nightmares - 7 days free
  7. Cinemax - 7 days free

My Top Streaming Site Recommendations for Horror Movies


No. 1 Horror dedicated streaming service with the largest selection, from AMC.


Not a horror only site, but continues to impress with its selection of great movies.


Again not just horrors but this has a massive horror collection with blockbuster hits.

Horror Movie Streaming Services in a Table

A list of all streaming service with a free trial and a collection of Horror movies worth watching. Many of these services offer a lot of cult and b-movies in addition to bigger blockbuster hits. The Number of movies on each is an estimate and is always changing.

What you will typically find is a greater selection of Movies on a seasonal basis, so Halloween is a great time to watch horror movies on premium networks such as Starz and EPIX.

Streaming services for Cult Horror Movies

Old cult movies are cheap and sometimes even royalty free meaning a lot of services will just add them to their library to build up . If you are a fan of the cult niche then you are in luck as the cheaper services have these in abundance.

Winner: Shudder - lots of cult as well as bigger movies

Runner-up: Fear Factory - lots of b-movies and cult

Runner-up: - They just have an insane amount of cult and b horror movies

Best streaming service for Horror series

I'm going to have to give best service for Series to Shudder. Although the series are mostly short series they have some truly great titles including Stephen Kings Creep Show among many series from great writers. Even though Premium networks such as Starz, HBO etc.. may have the mainstream series such as True-Blood, Teen Wolf and Penny Dreadful, these simply are not true Horror.

If you only like the mainstream popular TV Horrors with sexy, perfect abs vampires then you will not agree with these.

Winner: Shudder

Runner-up: Fear Factory

Best streaming services for mainstream Horror Movies

At time of writing we are nowhere near Halloween, however the Premium Network services Such as Starz and Epix are coming out on top for mainstream horror movies. When Halloween does approach these networks will be airing a lot more horror movies therefore even more popular horrors will be available.

Winner: Starz

Runner-up: Epix

What Horror movies are on Netflix, Shudder etc …

All streaming services are constantly reviewing and renewing what is available, the best way to see what is available is to head over to the video library and have a look which we have provided links for in the table. The easiest way to view the library for each service is through the Amazon channels search, which are the links I have provided on each..

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