4 Horror Only Movie Streaming Services

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1. Shudder

In terms of quantity and quality Shudder is easily the best streaming service for anyone looking a a horror niche alternative to Netflix. It even feels like Netflix with its colours and Black/Red interface. Shudder TV is obviously a satellite channel that you can watch on your regular tv, however the on demand service is more than that, with both the live channel and a great selection of horror movies. Shudder has been making headlines across magazines and even the New York Times for its focus on a very popular niche.

Our main criticism is we would like to have seen perhaps the likes of The Walking Dead or American Horror Story, as horror series have become increasingly popular over the last 10 years or so. If you are considering this service then you should be a fan of classic horror. It is very similar to Fandor or Mubi in the fact that it has mostly hand-picked films and has reviews and blog posts about all their new additions, meaning it goes further than just being a streaming service but a movie blog to. Read our full review here.

Cost$4.99 pm
Free Trial Period7 days
Streamingunlimited streaming and live channel
Shows 30 +
Films450 +


  • Great selection of Horror movies
  • Reviews and guides on movies
  • Live movie channel
  • Globally available


  • Lack of new releases
  • Most expensive horror niche service

Our top movies on shudder

  • Halloween
  • Oldboy (original)
  • The Evil Dead (1979)
  • Hellraiser
  • Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
  • The Faculty
  • Creepshow 2
  • The Fly (1986)
  • The Stuff
  • Trollhunter

2. Screambox

In second place I am choosing Screambox, the reason for this is it has focused on a niche within horror which is low budget B rated movies. Whilst this may seem like a bad niche it is not! B rated movies are basically low budget movies many originating from the 50s/60s and contain many great cult classics such as the “The Stuff” or “Creep Show”. Personally I love these old classics and would be more than happy to pay $2.99 per month, however it is also understandable that this will never be to some peoples taste.

Screambox offers hand selected films on a regular basis with films coming and going very quickly, so it is important that when you see a film you like that you watch it quickly. There are not many movie services solely run by true film fans, and even less horror streaming services operated by just fans but Screambox is one such service. I would perhaps compare it to Mubi which is a film service also operated mostly by film lovers who pick a new film for you every week so you don’t have to spend all evening finding a good recommendation. I cannot say it is as good as Shudder because it just lacks the content and premium blockbusters, but if you happen to be of the same movie mindset as the people who run this service then you will benefit from the content. Read our full Screambox review.

Cost$2.99 pm
Free Trial Period7 days
Streamingunlimited streaming
Shows 2
Films25 +


  • Regular hand selected films
  • Exclusive Series
  • Caters for a niche audience


  • Lack of new releases
  • Lack of content
  • Relatively new and untested/lack of reviews

Our top movies on Screambox

  • The Stuff
  • House
  • Vamp
  • American Poltergeist
  • Creepshow 2

3. Horror TV

In 3rd place I am putting Horror TV, which may seem strange as it has a lot more films than Screambox and is cheaper, in addition to that the films include some great modern horror films such as The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, Tucker and Dale vs Evils and Trollhunter, some great movies. However this is guide for true horror lovers, and I just felt a lot of the premium movies are not horrors but more thrillers or a little more commercial. A true horror lover will be wanting classic monsters and cheesy acting.

Horror tv is also one of the only horror only services that gives you documentaries, obviously sinister murder type documentaries, but again I felt this was pulling away from the niche of Horror. Having said this I do love a few of the premium movies offered, such as Tuck and Dale vs Evil, which is really a comedy more than anything. I suppose this would make it more suitable for a group of friends (on a movie night in) who all have different tastes so need something a little more audience friendly rather than a film library for die hard horror cult fans.

There are a couple of classic horror on offer such as Day of The Dead or even Nosferatu (1922) however I am pretty sure such film would fall under royalty free given its age, I may be wrong about that. Read our full Horror TV review.

Cost$1.99 pm
Free Trial Period7 days
Streamingunlimited streaming
Shows 0
Films65 +


  • Selection of premium and cult classics
  • Costs almost nothing


  • Lack of new releases
  • No series

Our top movies on Horror TV

  • Tucker And Dale vs Evil
  • The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo
  • Hobo With a Shotgun
  • Troll Hunter
  • V/H/S
  • Day of The Dead

4. Fear Factory

I am not going to say in 4th place, but instead just calling it last place, which is Fear Factory. I can find very little about this service outside of its 3rd party streaming arrangement it has with Amazon. I am disappointed by this service as I cannot distinguish any kind of niche or uniqueness. Scrolling through its small library I can only identify a few documentaries I know of (not even good ones) and almost no cult classics, and certainly no premium blockbuster hits. Every other service has something to offer yet this isn’t even the cheapest and seems to have less to offer than anything else.

There is always the chance I have missed something, whilst I love my cult classics I am not so much an expert on modern B-rated movies, which some of its content seems to be. I also find with small services such as these young aspiring producers often try and showcase their material on them to try and gain some exposure, this would at least pave the way for the possibility of seeing an early film by a future great in the world of movie making still in their independent movie making years, kind of like an introducing stage at a music festival. That is about the only positive I can draw from Fear Factory. Read our full Fear Factory review.

Cost$2.99 pm
Free Trial Period7 days
Streamingunlimited streaming
Shows 0
Films40 +


  • none


  • Lack of new decent content
  • No clear niche
  • Nothing unique

Our top movies on Fear Factory

  • Jug Face
  • Cropsey


I think the conclusion is clear, Shudder is miles ahead of any competitors. I feel ultimately that as a whole the movie streaming niche has very little to offer as it stands with only one service really in the game. As for the other 3 we have reviewed sadly Both Netflix and Amazon Prime offer more Horror content in all sub genres than these 3, only excluding Shudder. As more streaming services become available we hope to see something better. For now I would say go to Shudder and use their service.

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