7 of the Best Sci Fi Movies on Netflix

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scifi movies to watch on netflix

If you’re looking for the perfect sci-fi flick for your next movie night, you have plenty to choose from on Netflix. From old classics to new releases, this streaming platform offers a range of options, all within the science fiction genre.

Here are 7 of the best sci-fi movies on Netflix

7 of the Best Sci Fi Movies on Netflix 

  1. Black Mirror Bandersnatch
  2. Outside the Wire
  3. Birdbox
  4. Awake
  5. Rim of the World
  6. Mirage
  7. Project Power

1. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

IMDb RatingRotten Tomatoes RatingWhere Else to Watch
7.1/1074/100Exclusively on Netflix

For fans of the critically-acclaimed, imaginative dystopian series Black Mirror, this interactive film was released with a buzz of excitement. As you watch the film, you’re able to make decisions and choose the path the character will take. 

Along the way, the viewer is responsible for both big and small decisions from the main character. This ranges from what kind of cereal he’ll eat to what he’ll do with his medication. As the film progresses, multiple endings are created, and each viewer has a different experience depending on their choice.

Additionally, when you finish the movie, you have a chance to revisit some of the choices you made to see what would’ve happened if you had chosen differently. This Netflix exclusive movie is an innovation on the typical streaming experience and mimics what had only been seen before in “choose your own adventure” novels.

The story of the film itself follows a young video game designer named Stefan (played by Fionn Whitehead) as he struggles to complete a game he has been working on. The game itself is based on a fictional “choose your own adventure” novel that Stefan has been adapting. 

As the pressure of the game’s deadline looms, Stefan finds his world descending into chaos. Paranoia, madness, and confusion entail as Stefan and the viewer make choices and navigate their way through this increasingly distressing world. 

While there are many possible endings, the film as a whole wrestles with the topic of free will as the viewer is responsible for making choices along the way. While critical reception to the plot and performances were mixed, it’s undeniable that the film’s format was an original innovation in the online streaming world. 

2. Outside the Wire

IMDb RatingRotten Tomatoes RatingWhere Else to Watch
5.4/1037/100Exclusively on Netflix

If you’re looking for a dystopian, futuristic sci fi thriller, look no further than the Netflix original Outside the Wire. This movie combines the action of a war film with futuristic artificial intelligence and technology. Although the film had mixed critical reception, it was received well by fans and continues to be a popular streaming sci fi option on the platform. 

This film stars Anthony Mackie, who plays Captain Leo. Despite the incredibly life-like appearances, this character is actually a robot designed as a war-fighting machine. He chooses human Lt. Thomas Harp (played by Damson Idris) as his protege, bringing him into a mission to prevent an impending terrorist attack. 

As they set out together, the audience watches them navigate this futuristic war-torn world with both human Marine soldiers and robotic troops fighting on the front lines. The film has plenty of action to keep the viewer engaged, with shootouts and plot twists along the way.

This movie takes what many sci fi movies before it have played with–the idea of artificial intelligence creating ideal soldiers for battle–and takes it to the next level. We see a future where humans and robots are fully integrated, so much so that it isn’t always clear who is human and who is not. 

If you’re looking for a great action movie with a futuristic robotic twist, you have found it with Outside the Wire. 

3. Bird Box

IMDb RatingRotten Tomatoes RatingWhere Else to Watch
6.6/1063/100Exclusively on Netflix

This popular Netflix release stars Sandra Bullock as a woman who has, so far, survived the apocalypse by blindfolding herself and her children. A series of flashbacks in the film guides the viewer to understand what happened to cause this new post-apocalyptic world and why the blindfolds are necessary.

Mass suicide broke on a global scale when something mysterious began to appear to people in the form of their worst fears. They would see what they feared the most and force themselves to suicide at that moment. The flashbacks are interspersed with horrific moments of characters ending their lives as the apocalypse begins. 

Malorie, Bullock’s character, manages to stay with other survivors for a while in a safe house in Sacramento. Here we meet the film’s other lead, Trevante Rhodes, playing another survivor named Tom. 

However, we only get glimpses of their relationship and life with the other survivors through flashbacks. In the current moment, Malorie is alone with her two children in the wild, all three fully blindfolded in order to avoid seeing what will force their own self-destruction. In accordance with the film’s title, the family is carrying a box of three birds with them on the journey to warn of possible danger.

This film combines horror with sci-fi, and will keep the viewers holding their breath as Malorie navigates this strange new world with her two young children. The cast gives amazing performances, and Bullock’s performance, in particular, is outstanding. 

4. Awake

IMDb RatingRotten Tomatoes RatingWhere Else to Watch
4.8/1027/100Exclusively on Netflix

In another Netflix original movie, Gina Rodriguez stars as Jill, a young mom of two, as a mysterious event turns the world upside down. After a mysterious electromagnetic event, it seems that the population is suddenly incapable of falling asleep.

As people realize that they are continuously awake, the struggle breaks out about what to do. The impending doom as palpable as one character explains how the brain swells without proper sleep, leading to a range of symptoms like mania, hallucinations, and even death.

It becomes clear that the characters in the film need to figure out how to sleep if they want to survive. This need makes it all the more important when a few people find out that they have the power to sleep, including Jill’s own daughter.

The viewers follow along with Jill and her family as they navigate their new world and the strangeness that accompanies it. With plenty of memorable shots and scenes, this film is a great choice if you’re looking for a post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller for your next movie night. 

5. Rim of the World

IMDb RatingRotten Tomatoes RatingWhere Else to Watch
5.2/1027/100Exclusively on Netflix

This film stars four young campers who manage to survive an alien invasion while away at summer camp. Apart from their families and with the world burning around them, the four unlikely friends band together in an attempt to survive. 

Together, they witness a spaceship crash, make contact with an astronaut, and are entrusted with a key that’ll bring an end to the alien attack. The four recognize the responsibility they’re given and set off on an epic adventure to save the world.

The film is heavily inspired by 80s hits like The Goonies and E.T. and will be a fun throwback for fans of the films from that era. The movie is full of funny dialogue and starkly different characters who all get to know themselves and each other better on their journey. 

If you’re looking for a fun, pre-teen adventure in saving the world, Rim of the World is the perfect choice. It’s an enjoyable and entertaining option to fulfill your sci-fi cravings. 

6. Mirage

IMDb RatingRotten Tomatoes RatingWhere Else to Watch
7.4/1073/100Amazon (rent or buy)

Mirage, also known by its original Spanish title Durante La Tormenta, gives you a sci-fi thriller with plenty of suspense and time travel. From Spain’s well-loved director Oriol Paulo, the story follows a mother in search of her daughter across alternate timelines and realities. 

The story begins in 1989, where a young boy named Nico ventures out of his house in the midst of a raging storm to witness the aftermath of a neighbor murdering his wife. He stumbles out into the street and is killed by oncoming traffic. 

Fast-forward 25 years, and we meet our main character, Vera (played by Adriana Ugarte). She has moved into the house where Nico once lived with her husband and young daughter. However, one stormy night, she finds a TV hidden away in a closet. Through this TV, she can communicate with Nico before he dies. 

Taking the opportunity to rewrite history and warn Nico, saving his life, will also alter her reality. She wakes up to a completely new reality, where she’s married to another man, working in a different job, and, most importantly, without her daughter, who has never been born. 

The rest of the film follows Vera as she desperately tries to understand what has happened and find a way to reunite with her lost daughter. The film’s plot gives the audience unexpected twists and turns as the characters navigate time travel and alternate realities.  

7. Project Power

IMDb RatingRotten Tomatoes RatingWhere Else to Watch
6/1061/100Exclusively on Netflix

With an all-star cast and plenty of gripping superhuman action, Project Power is a great streaming option on Netflix. Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Dominique Fishback give stellar performances in this story of superhuman powers.

Set in New Orleans, a new drug has made it onto the streets that gives its user five minutes of unbridled superpowers. For everyone, the results are different. Some become bulletproof. Others become invisible. Others can bend their bones. However, of course, it comes with a risk: taking just one pill can be enough to kill the user as well.

Fishback plays a street dealer named Robin who meets detective Frank Shaver (Gordon-Levitt’s character) on the streets when her stash gets stolen. Shaver, desperate to save his city from this mayhem, turns to Robin to help him find the source.

This motivation brings the pair to Foxx’s character, known as the Major. He had been one of the test subjects of this drug in its development, and the story reveals that he inadvertently passed on some changes in his DNA to his daughter. 

His daughter, who has been taken from him, motivates him to team up with Robin and Shaver in an effort to get back what is his. The unlikely trio forms a team of protagonists the audience is deeply invested in and rooting for.

The film also explores the dynamics of systemic power and racism, with the backdrop of New Orleans reminding the audience of how those in power have previously failed to prioritize minority communities.