Eurosport Player is available in most of Europe, however it is not available outside of europe and even inside Europe the free trial is also not accessible... unless you know how to access.

What you need to access Eurosport free trial 


  1. Access to Amazon Channels in UK through an UK Amazon account as this is where you get a 7 day free trial to Eurosport.
  2. A VPN/DNS service so you can set your internet location to the UK
  3. A virtual payment card to help manage your subscription to amazon and eurosport subscription in a secure manner

This method is intended for UK citizens perhaps travelling outside of the UK who want to access Eurosport Channels on Amazon and wish to pay in a secure manner when using foreign internet access and do not want to put bank or card details on foreign networks (internet cafe/wifi etc..) . 

Step 1 - Get your VPN/ DNS

Firstly you will need to get a VPN / DNS service (virtual private network ). These are services that secure your internet connection by ensuring you cannot be seen whilst browsing the internet in any manner. There are many of these services. I am currently recommending Playmo TV as they ahve a 7 day free trial with no credit card required.

Step 2 - Get a virtual credit card

Privacy is probably the number one virtual credit card online. It allows you to create multiple cards that you can set to different shops and put automatic cancellation dates on. It is the best and safest way to shop online anywhere.

Make sure you set up a UK virtual card as Amazon will require a UK payment method.

Step 3 - Signup to Eurosport on UK Amazon Channels

Now you have a VPN running cloaking your location as the UK and a virtual credit card you should be able to get a free trial to Eurosport Player for 7 days on Amazon Prime. You will also be signing up to the UK Amazon Prime 30 day free trial.

Step 3: Click For Eurosport 7 Day Trial

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