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When searching for an Amazon free trial you may find yourself swimming in options.  Amazon is a huge platform and uses free trials for pretty much all their services, from streaming to product discount and even 3rd party services. Lets’ investigate all these trials and how you can easily manage them all in one place.

9 fantastic free trials available through your amazon account...

  1. Amazon Prime Free Trial (1 month)
  2. Amazon Prime Student Free Trial (6 months)
  3. Amazon Channels Free Trial (varies from 1 week to 1 month)
  4. Amazon Fresh Free Trial (1 month)
  5. Amazon Family Free Trial (1 month)
  6. Audible Free Trial (1 month/1 or 2 books)
  7. Music Unlimited Free Trial (1 month)
  8. Fire for Kids unlimited Free Trial (1 month)
  9. Kindle Unlimited Free Trial (1 month)

Amazon Prime Free Trial (30 Days)

amazon prime 30 days trial

Amazon Prime Free Trial

Prime is the primary trial Amazon offers and includes videos, music and free delivery. It can be confusing as they have so many different services. Amazon Prime offers users a taste of almost every service in just the prime subscription.

  • Prime Video – Prime content on the Video service is free for all prime members. This includes hit shows such as American Gods, Vikings and Mr Robot. This is the main streaming option from Amazon and is fully included in any prime subscription.
  • Prime Music – This is a limited version of their main music streaming service. It will offer a little music from most artists, but it does not include anywhere near as much as the Music Unlimited service. (around 2 million songs instead of 15 million)
  • Prime delivery – thousands if not more products come with free fast delivery on Amazon Prime. This is also broken down into same-day delivery and unlimited one-day delivery
  • Prime reading – another limited version of both their Kindle and audible library. They will often change the selection so there is always something different to read.
  • Twitch Prime – the popular gaming streaming service comes with your Prime account
  • Unlimited photo storage on your Amazon cloud service
  • Amazon First Reads – one free kindle book for kids each month from a selection of six authors

Amazon will advertise a lot more under their prime subscription such as Amazon Pantry, Prime Early Access, Amazon Fresh and much more seems to be added all the time. The important thing is that most of these are just ways of marketing the free delivery already offered on prime.

The rest of the Amazon free trials are available separate to Amazon Prime. Most of them are better/full versions of the various platforms that are offered on Prime, for example a full music library.

Music Unlimited Free Trial (30 Days)

amazon music unlimited 30 day free trial

Amazon music unlimited 30 day free trial

A step beyond their Prime Music services. This is the premium music option from Amazon and can be easily compared to Spotify or Apple Music. With roughly the same size library and accessibility amazon music unlimited is a great trial for music lovers.

In addition to this you will also have different plan options that all come with a free trial

  • Unlimited Individual plan
  • Unlimited Family plan
  • Unlimited HD
  • Unlimited Music Student plan
  • Unlimited HD Family plan

To get any of these click the same link below, then when you signup you will be presented with the options of family and HD separately to the base package of Music Unlimited basic.

Audible Free Trial (1 month/1 or 2 books)

audible free trial

audible free trial

The audible free trial is one of the most popular trials of the past 10 years. With one of,  if not the biggest audiobook library. The trial isn’t as simple as listen to all you want for a month but is instead 1 or 2 books depending on your location.

The monthly subscription gives you 1 book which you can buy every month rather than access to a free library. This means even if you cancel your free trial the book you chose is yours forever.

Audible is available on Apple and Android devices as well as all major browsers.

Fire for Kids unlimited Free Trial (1 month)

fire for kids free trial

fire for kids free trial

Fire for Kids is an all in one entertainment platform with age friendly content. The service includes

  • Books
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Educational apps
  • Games

Parents can monitor everything they are doing from the mobile app. The service is low cost and has a 1 month free trial.

The content age ranges are…

  • 3 - 5
  • 6 - 8
  • 9 – 12

The service can be used on Kindle, however there are also Kindle Fire specific devices which are much cheaper. The Parents dashboard can be installed and connected on most mobile devices/smart phones and allows a number.

Amazon Prime Student Free Trial (6 months)

amazon Prime Student free trial

Prime Student Free Trial

Student Prime is essentially just Amazon Prime but if you prove you’re a student then you get 6 months free and then a reduced cost. This means you will have access to…

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Fast and free delivery
  • Special deals
  • Cloud Storage

The current trial offer is for 6 months

Amazon Fresh Free Trial (1 month)

Amazon Fresh Free Trial

Amazon Fresh Free Trial

Amazon fresh is Amazons step into the supermarket grocery market. The service typically has every brand you could want and includes food deliveries from major supermarkets as its suppliers.

The idea is that all the money off offers they provide you will offset the cost of the actual subscription. However, the service is included for Prime members. The delivery cost is free of charge unlike other supermarkets delivery services.

Amazon Family Free Trial (1 month)

Amazon Family Free Trial

Amazon Family Free Trial

Amazon family is a discount-based membership like the way Amazon Fresh works. The key advantage is you are given large discounts on essential family items such as nappies and baby food.

Amazon Channels Free Trial (varies from 1 week to 1 month)

Amazon Channels Free Trial

Amazon Channels Free Trial

Amazon Channels is not a direct Amazon product, instead it is a platform where they allow you to access and subscribe to dozens of other streaming services. Currently available In the US, UK, France and Germany the channels available differ in each country.

 For example...

Channels UK

  • Eurosport
  • Starzplay
  • Mubi
  • Hayu

Channels US

  • HBO
  • Cinemax
  • Showtime
  • Starz
  • NBA TV

There are currently dozens of channels for each country.

It is important to note every single channel has its own free trial and you need to be a Prime member to access these trials. Most are 7 days but some will last longer. And YES, you can take these all back to back!

Kindle Unlimited Free Trial (2 months)

Kindle Unlimited Free Trial

Kindle Unlimited Free Trial

A brand yet part of the Amazon family, Kindle gives you access to unlimited numbers of books to read through a Kindle device. The service allows you to have 10 books on your device at any one time. This allows you to go on holiday with a full library of books to enjoy without needing Wi-Fi access.


  • 10 books on your device
  • Unlimited number of books
  • The most established e-book library (over 1 million)


  • You cannot read on cheaper competitor devices such as Kobo or Nook
  • Kindles are expensive.

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