Best ‘Money No Object’ Streaming Options

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Best ‘Money No Object’ Streaming Options

Whenever I review streaming services the price is always playing a huge role in the level of bias and forgiveness that I give it, but what if we were to remove this and just considered what gave us the best content. For many of us watching movies and TV is already far more affordable than the days of having to rent movies or even having to buy an entire DVD box-set, so lets put some money back into our entertainment choices and see what the best options are available.

First thing I will be looking at is the idea of movie rental online, in the early days of online streaming the first service that came to mind is Lovefilm, which eventually got bought out by Amazon to from Prime video. However the idea of having all the great films available from Blockbuster ready to stream immediately seemed like an unbreakable idea. It would now seem that many people just prefer to stick with the content which is included within their chosen streaming service, this is not to say rental services are not around, so our first 2 services to consider would be the Apple store and Amazon Video which both allow you to rent movies for a one time thing. This allows the service to offer all the latest blockbusters and popular classics with little to no exception as long as money truly is no object for your entertainment needs.

The major issue with rental streaming services is that practically speaking you would never rent a box-set as you would have a limited time to view it or could only view it once (which is a pain if several people in the same household are watching the same series). In my opinion this is why VOD streaming services have become so popular with movies almost feeling like just an extra add-on which I could easily live without most of the time.

The next point I am also trying to consider is live or catch-up TV, so I am looking at the cord cutting options, these are great for current TV series and even sports which none of the other services can really offer.

At this point it is seeming impossible to find one option to cover every streaming need, especially if you are in charge of an entire house hold with Kids of multiple ages, Spouse, a grand parent and of course yourself. My solution is a combination of 3 services.


MUBI is great as it gives you a constant updated selection of award winning movies, not necessarily new films but great classics and award winning hits all updated regularly. It is perfect if you are just looking for a couple of really good movies to watch at the weekend. It does not offer new films or series. Full Review

Amazon Video + Prime

I have chosen Amazon over Apple store for the rental option as you can also sign-up to Amazon Prime which gives you TV series such as The Vikings and Mr Robot. The rental service will then allow you to access most other movies and series for a one off rental cost. There are also plenty of other online rental services however I have also considered the availability of the apps with Amazon Video being available on most devices. Full Review

Hulu with live TV

Finally you also need a cord-cutting service, there are many network specific services such as HBO or CBS all access, however they are limited to just that particular network, so an all in one cord-cutting network is the only way forward to get everything. There are many options but I have chosen Hulu as firstly it has the best app availability and has all the extra networks as add-on if you choose to use. In addition to this it also competes with the standard streaming services such as Netflix by having its own series and selection of on demand movies, it is an expensive option but that is the title of this article.


These 3 options should give you access to as much content as possible without too much crossover, meaning you can all 3 of these options in tandem without one being wasted, but only if you require the need for all the different type of services and content, so as mentioned I only recommend such an expensive option if you have many people to try and please or money truly is no object.

There are many other great options for streaming, and these options do not cover niche services as well as many other services I have reviewed or recommended. Consider your needs and what you enjoy and make a decision right for you. Take a look at all streaming services we have reviewed or take a look at our comparison on the best streaming services with the consideration of price.

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