Niche Streaming Alternatives that are stealing users from Netflix

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Netflix is great, I will not deny it as I am on it almost every night if not then I also have Amazon Prime, Curiosity Stream and Now TV, I am a real buff when it comes to streaming services. However there are dozens of streaming services popping up every year, it is almost impossible to try and review and test them all. Here I have hand selected a number of our favourite services among different niches.

Shudder – Horror Streaming

Shudder is my favourite or you could say easily the best streaming service within the horror niche, I have already compared it to all other services in the same niche which you can read here (Best Horror Streaming Service) and it came out way on top of all its competitors, I have also done a full review and breakdown of essential need to know questions which is available to read on the free trial review here. For a quick review it gives you a great selection of classic and cult horror with the largest library, a live TV channel, a hand full of series and over 450 horror and thriller films all sub categorised into different types of horror genres.

Curiosity Stream – Documentary Streaming

As part of my daily job is to test and review all these free trials I try to keep myself from actually getting any of these services on a permanent basis as there are dozens and it would cost me a small fortune, however Curiosity Stream convinced me to stick with it after the free trial. With access to hundreds of great documentaries it is simply far to interesting to remove from my life. For a brief overview you can pay $2.99 per month or just $19.99 a year. This service is great as its so addictive and keeps you entertained at what is probably the cheapest streaming service I have come across. You can see our full Curiosity Stream free trial review here.

Brown Sugar – Badass Movies

Lets call Brown Sugar the most unique streaming service I have discovered, the niche seems to be Afro American, however the content appeals to anyone who love action packed and cool films. They advertise themselves as having the biggest collection of the baddest movies, and you will find loads of great American kung-fu and gangsta films. I would only warn you that the films are all old school with mostly classic films from the 1970s – 1990s and you wont find any of the latest blockbuster hits. At just $3.99 pm there is plenty to love about this alternative film streaming service, if you wish you can read our full Brown Sugar review here.

Mubi – Award Winning Films

All these niche services struggle in getting blockbuster hits as they are competing against the giants of Netflix and Amazon, so instead to get enough content they often have to look into older cinema. However Mubi have instead chosen to give you a smaller selection of films with one more hand selected and added each week. This way they can focus on giving fantastic award winning movies at a reasonable price. I would feel confident in promising that the content is very good with some really good movies and no time wasting content. However it will cost you $9.99 pm which is more than Netflix, this may be hard to justify unless you see the value in having great films suggested for you, taking away the stress of finding a movie on a Saturday night. For a better idea see our full review on our Mubi Free Trial page.

Fandor – Independent Cinema

Fandor is a service that likes to advertise themselves as a streaming service for true film lovers. Fandor find many of their films at film festivals and focus on the independent cinema niche. I would say this is something that a free trial really is needed as the average user will not have heard of many of these films and it may require a certain refined taste in films. They recognise this by the fact that they have a well established blog where their writers review and recommend films to watch. This makes it more than just a streaming service but a network of film lovers sharing great films. It is also worth noting it is cheaper to get the service through Amazon channels at $3.99 pm rather than $5.99 pm, you can read our full review on this here.

Indieflix – For independent film makers

I realise that I have already suggested one independent movie streaming service, however the concept of Indieflix is very different. Indieflix is a platform where any inspiring film maker can upload their movies or shorts (short movies) and get paid based on the number of views, this is a great way for these film makers to get seen without having to go through major studios. Again this is another service which requires a free trial to understand what it is about. Best way to describe what is available is to think of the short films shown at the cinema before a movie. There could be anything from animations, self made zombie apocalypse or classic story telling. Read our full Indieflix review here.

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