15 Best Sci Fi Movies on Hulu

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15 of the Best Sci Fi Movies Available on Hulu 

  1. Battle For Terra
  2. Sea Fever
  3. A Quiet Place
  4. The Terminator  
  5. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
  6. Aniara
  7. Just A Breath Away
  8. Bumblebee
  9. The Host
  10. Super 8
  11. Akira
  12. Coherence 
  13. Time Freak
  14. Fast Color 
  15. The Mandela Effect 

1. Battle For Terra (2009)

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6.549%Hulu Free Trial

The first movie that makes our sci-fi list is a family-friendly animated film. Released in 2007 as Terra, this movie was re-released in 2009 with its new title, Battle For Terra. This movie is rated PG, making it suitable for all ages if you’re looking for the ideal sci-fi movie for kids. 

When Terra’s alien residents find themselves under attack by human invaders, a young Terrian teenager will do everything she can to save her family and stop these attacks. While critics seem torn as to whether this film can resonate and connect with an audience or not, Battle For Terra is still a fun sci-fi action movie that the whole family can enjoy.

You can stream this movie now on Hulu, as long as you have an HBO MAX add-on. You can watch the trailer here if you feel like this sounds like the ideal choice for your next family movie night. 

2. Sea Fever (2019)

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5.786%Hulu Free Trial

If you’re in the mood for a science fiction thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time, you have to add Sea Fever to your watchlist. 

When a marine biologist student spends a week in the middle of the deep Atlantic with the crew of a fishing trawler, they all find themselves face to face with a growing parasite that’s found its way on board. Will they be able to save themselves from this deadly disease, or will they destroy each other along the way while trying to survive? 

If you’re looking for your new favorite sci-fi thriller, look no further, you can watch the trailer here if you’re interested.

3. A Quiet Place (2018)

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A Quiet Place takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where literal monsters with super sensitive hearing have forced the remaining humans to live in silence. Directed by and starring John Krasinki, this movie will have you holding your breath the entire time.

Within this world, we watch as the Abbott family fights for survival while being hyper-aware of the fact that one wrong move or even the slightest noise can be detrimental to them. You can watch the trailer here if you’re interested in this killer sci-fi film. Rated PG-13, this film will make a great addition to your next movie night. 

4. The Terminator (1984)

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Being one of the most classic and iconic sci-fi movies of all time, The Terminator is definitely one of the best science fiction movies to begin streaming on Hulu right now. When a human soldier from 2029 is sent back to 1984 to save a young woman from a killer cyborg, the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. 

It’s difficult to find a critic that has something negative to say about this movie. Director James Cameron creates the blueprint for many great science fiction movies to follow, as it’s a near-perfect action, science fiction movie that audiences love. 

If you have yet to see this classic, you can watch the trailer here. If you’re looking for an iconic action and sci-fi film that will have you on the edge of your seat, this R rated picture should be added to your watchlist stat. 

5. Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan (1982)

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7.788%Hulu Free Trial

Considered one of the best, if not the best, Star Trek film, this movie has everything you want in a sci-fi adventure film. If you love space adventure films, or if you’re a fan of the Star Trek universe, you can’t miss this action-packed sequel.

When Admiral Kirk and Captain Spock run into an old nemesis of Kirk’s, it’s up to them, as well as the rest of the Enterprise crew, to stop Kirk’s nemesis, Khan, from using a deadly weapon that could destroy the universe. This results in an epic, intergalactic showdown in order to stop the destruction that Khan plans on inflecting within the confines of the galaxy. 

If you’re a fan of the original TV show, you can’t miss out on this jaw-dropping sci-fi film. Watch the trailer here, and if you’re interested, check it out on Hulu today.

6. Aniara (2018)

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6.269%Hulu Free Trial

This is another great choice for those who are fans of science fiction and space travel. When a Swedish spaceship carrying settlers to Mars is accidentally thrown off course, the passengers slowly begin to consider their place within the large universe they find themselves lost in.

This drama will have you asking important, philosophical questions once the credits begin to roll. While critics and audiences seem torn as to whether this movie delivers or not, no one can argue that Aniara is full of stunning visuals, all while exploring a terrifying premise. 

If you love dramas, space travel, and science fiction, you have to check out Aniara. You can watch the trailer here, and of course, you can begin streaming on Hulu today if you’re interested. 

7. Just A Breath Away (2018)

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5.945%Hulu Free Trial

This French film centers around a catastrophic event that takes place in Paris. When a deadly gas begins filling the streets, killing anyone who comes into contact with it, it’s up to Mathieu and Anna to save themselves, as well as their young daughter, who is ill and separated from them.

While most disaster movies take place on the streets of New York, this film is unique in that we watch these events unfold on the streets of Paris. It’s a fun sci-fi mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. 

While most survival movies focus on how people within that area are fighting to stay alive, this film offers a unique perspective and zeros on how one small family is trying to make the right moves to save themselves from the deadly gas. 

If you’re a fan of disaster movies that effortlessly combine the sci-fi and mystery genre together, this is a great film for you. If you’re interested, you can watch the trailer here if this film sounds like a good match.

8. Bumblebee (2018)

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This spinoff of the Transformer franchise is proof that you can bring back wonder and excitement to a franchise that has become bloated. Bumblebee takes us back to 1987, where Bumblebee the Autobot looks for safety within a junkyard in California. 

When 17-year-old Charlie, played by Hailee Steinfield, finds Bumblebee, she realizes the last thing she has found is an ordinary yellow Volkswagen. This movie is still full of action and adventure, but not in the same way Michael Bay has shown us action within the Transformer series.

Many critics note that Bumblebee doesn’t rely on the explosions and special effects to make the movie special, but the strong script and storytelling will leave the audience wanting more. If you’re interested in this film, watch the trailer here to get a closer look at Bumblebee. 

If you’re a fan of movies about giant robots, as well as films that tell the story of friendship and becoming your own hero, you can’t miss out on this sweet spinoff featuring your favorite Transformers. 

9. The Host (2006)

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7.193%Hulu Free Trial

Are you looking for a fun monster movie that you can sink your teeth into? This Korean thriller is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time, while also giving you plenty of laughs and satire along the way.

When American military men continuously dump toxins into South Korea’s Han River, the result becomes deadly in an unexpected way. Years later, a creature has emerged from the river and has begun killing local residents. When this creature kidnaps a man’s daughter, he and his family realize he’s the only one who can save her.

This movie bravely shifts from horror to slapstick and back again and does so flawlessly. It’s a fun monster movie that breaks the generic plot formulas and explores different avenues that will have audiences in awe after viewing. 

Directed by Oscar award-winning director, Bong Joon Ho, this movie is bound to become your new favorite sci-fi film, so what are you waiting for? Watch the trailer here if this sounds like your ideal film. 

10. Super 8 (2011)

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Super 8 is a sci-fi that takes us back to 1979, where a group of friends is making a zombie movie with their Super 8 camera. While filming their movie, they witness a terrifying train crash that almost takes their lives. 

Soon they realize the event they witnessed was no accident, as more troubling things begin to happen within their small town. If you’re looking for a sci-fi film that has just as much emotional depth as it does visually stunning effects, you have to add Super 8 to your watchlist immediately.  

While critics believe this film plays too heavily on the nostalgia factor, audiences gently like the feel of this mystery and sci-fi adventure. Directed by J.J Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg, this movie successfully takes you back to the summer of 1979 in a way that plays out like a warm, childhood memory. 

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you can check out the trailer here

11. Akira (1988)

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890%Hulu Free Trial

Akira is science fiction meets anime, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The story begins in 1988 when the Japanese government drops an atomic bomb on Toyoko to cover their tracks after failed experiments on children go awry. Fast forward to 2019; a biker gang leader is trying to save his friend from a secret government project. 

Kaneda, the bike gang leader, must set out on a quest to save his friend while battling corrupt politicians, evil scientists, and military personnel until he realizes he has supernatural powers. This movie is deemed a classic and has really created the blueprint for all the modern anime that audiences know today. 

It should be noted this anime is rated R, but if you’re a fan of gore and action, you’ll be sure to love Akira. Watch the trailer here to get a better look at what Akira has to offer its audience. 

12. Coherence (2013)

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7.288%Hulu Free Trial

When eight friends gather for a dinner party, they begin to notice a change when a strange comet passes overhead. If you’re in the mood for a chilling drama, tied in with mystery and science fiction, you may want to check out Coherence. 

Will these friends be able to survive the night with each other once the power goes out, and strange things begin to happen in their neighborhood, or will they begin to suspect each other of something sinister? 

Coherence will definitely have you on the edge of your seat the entire time trying to put the pieces together. This film asks you to question things such as the existence of parallel worlds and who you can really trust within your reality? 

You can watch the trailer for Coherence here if you’re interested, and you can begin streaming on Hulu now if you’re ready to be spooked by this chilling sci-fi thriller. 

13. Time Freak (2018)

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Time Freak perfectly pairs romance and sci-fi in this sweet and humorous time travel film. 

When his girlfriend suddenly dumps a physics genius, he builds a time machine to fix his wrongdoings and win her back, all while dragging his best friend along for the ride. While critics are torn whether this film delivers or not, it’s a humorous sci-fi film that will have you rooting for the main character the entire time.

If you’re in the mood for lighthearted fun that brings humor, time travel, and teen romance to the screen, you can’t miss this movie. If you’re interested, you can watch the trailer here if this sounds like an ideal movie choice for you.

14. Fast Color (2018)

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If you’re into movies with strong female leads, as well as movies about superheroes, you have to check out Fast Color. When a young woman is discovered to have supernatural abilities, she must go on the run when she becomes hunted down by mysterious forces.

When she realizes she has nowhere to go, she goes back to the home and family she abandoned long ago. While there, she mends the broken relationship she has with her mother and daughter, all while learning her true power.

While being a superhero film, it’s a very human story that dives deep into the many different aspects of the character’s relationships and their complexity. The movie is well-liked amongst critics. The movie has even secured a spot as a future Amazon series, so be on the lookout for that.

If you’re interested in Fast Color, check out the trailer here, and begin streaming on Hulu today. 

15. The Mandela Effect (2019)

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5.720%Hulu Free Trial

This movie takes on the real-life phenomena known as the Mandela Effect, where a mass of people all holds the same false memory. This movie explores this concept when a man suddenly loses his young daughter, and he believes he can bring her back.

Seeing how the real-life phenomenon explores the concept that we live in a simulation that causes glitches, the main character believes he can use coding and the power of thought to bring his daughter back. In reality, we watch as the characters in the film slowly begin to lose their grasp on reality.

While most critics believe this film failed to deliver within a somewhat interesting premise, audiences think otherwise and enjoy this twisted sci-fi. If you’re a fan of conspiracy theories, as well as dark and twisted mystery and sci-fi, you have to add The Mandela Effect to your watchlist.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, you can view the trailer here and begin watching on Hulu today.

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