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Love a good old western? I will go through the best streaming services to find which has the best selection of western movies, from the old and new. Updated  Novermber 2022 and our top place has to be taken over by Amazon Prime!

9 of the best streaming service to watch western movies...

  1. Amazon Prime Video
  2. Starz
  3. Hulu
  4.  Cinemax
  5. Epix
  6. Fandor
  7. HBO
  8. IMDB TV
  9. Best Western Ever

Top 3 Streaming Services For Westerns

If you want a quick selection of the best services to view western movies then here are my top 3 and why they deserve your attention.



Amazon Prime 30 Day Free Trial -  Great value and just has a massive selection of Westerns, since I first reviewed the western selection it has now 1000s of western  movies and shows to choose from 



Starz 7 day free trial - I have picked Starz as it does not just have a large library of all kind of western movies from the biggest brand actors but also has regularly rotated premium movies and new blockbuster hits, it is an easy winner.



Despite not having a lot of westerns it just so happened to have a few of my favourite westerns available when writing this so it must know how to source a good selection of westerns.

All Streaming Servcies for Western Movie Fans to Consider Comparison 

If you are looking a for a more in depth analysis of all the streaming services witha decent selection of western movies then continue to read below as we go through which each service has to offer.

1. Best Western Ever

Quick Overview: 7 Day Free Trial,  350+ Western Movies, $1.99 pm after trial

If you are after classic Western cinema then Best Western Ever has one of the biggest selections. The era of movies is prominently 40s/50s so is a narrow niche for western movie fans. If you are looking for more mainstream cinema with the likes of  John Wayne and Clint Eastwood then it probably isn't the service for you. It is available as an Amazon Channel with a 7 day free trial. It is also worth noting that it is only $1.99 pm



  • Lack of Hollywood and blockbuster Westerns
  • No app or stand alone service

Quick Overview: 7 Day Free Trial,  5+ Western Movies, $9.99 pm after trial

Cinemax does not have a very large selection of Westerns so should not be considered if you are looking for a lot of western movies. I have included it as being a network it has a constant stream of updated premium movies meaning you should be able to find a couple of big western movies at any given time. At time of writing there is The Assassination of Jesse James and Open Range.


  • New content added regularly
  • Big Movies


  • Small Western Library

Quick Overview: 7 Day Free Trial,  200+ Western Movies, $5.99 pm after trial

Epix has over 200 Western Movies currently, however most of the collection is of older Westerns similar to the much cheaper service of Best Western Ever. Being a premium network service it does a handful of premium western movies as well as having a regularly updated library of content.


  • New content added regularly
  • Large Library


  • Mostly old westerns

Quick Overview: 7 Day Free Trial, 10>  Western Movies, $14.99 pm after trial

Fandor is a social movie streaming platform with lots of Independent, foreign and classic movies. Although it's Western selection is small and old it does have some great classics and hidden gems in all genres including Western. Fandor is a great place to discover movies you may have never come across otherwise.


  • Small selection of great movies
  • Allows you to discover movies


  • Small selection of westerns
  • Few mainstream movies

5. HBO Max

Quick Overview: No Free Trial,  20+ Western Movies, $9.99pm 

For a large premium network the selection of western movies available on HBO is fairly small. Being a network the content is updated regularly with premium and new  movies. At time of writing there are films such as  Cowboy & Aliens Deadwood


  • Premium hit and newer movies
  • Regularly updated content


  • Small selection of westerns
  • Expensive if all you want is westerns


Quick Overview: Free (lots if adverts),  60+ Western Movies

IMDB TV is a service only accessible in the US or through a VPN service and is completely free, however it has a lot of adverts that cannot be skipped. For a free service the selection of movies is impressive with around 60 Westerns at time of writing. It as a real mix of modern old and classic westerns of all different sub genre such as Outlaw or comedy westerns. Overall it is definitely making an account for some free movies. 


  • You can signup directly or just watch through your Amazon Prime
  • Free
  • Good selection of movies for a free service


  • Lots of adverts

Quick Overview: 7 Day Free Trial,  200+ Western Movies, $8.99 pm after trial

One of the Starz Network channels Starz Encore is a channel dedicated to old theatrical movies, which basically means a lot of premium western movies. All of this content is avaioable through the Starz On Demand service. With hundreds of westerns available to watch these are also a lot of really good movies. t time of writing it includes Clint Eastwood in A Fistful of Dollars and my personal favourite western Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid. It also has a number of popular western series and films form all era of western cinema.


  • Always has a selection of premium westerns
  • Large library from all eras 


  • Not much for western fans

8. Amazon Prime

Quick Overview: 30 Day Free Trial,  Hundreds of Westerns

It is never clear how many movies Amazon has on its prime service as it seems to be thousands. Their Western cinema collection is no different. Hundreds of movies and dozens of series, however the premium content is limited and then is mostly smaller movies from all over the place, I am unsure where they get all these unheard of movies. Having said this there is a lot of good westerns from old to new cinema.


  • Hundreds of movies and series in Western Library
  • Good value


  • Lots of rubbish movies to make collection look bigger

Quick Overview: 30 Day Free Trial,  1-2 Dozen Westerns, $7.99 pm after trial

Hulu has a modest collection of westerns with some premium content and some older westerns. At time of writing they have Back to The Future 3 (the best western ever), The Assassination of Jesse James and Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, so some really good movies. If you are just looking for the occasional western then this is a great option especially at its low price. Hulu also has the Live TV service which is more expensive but allows you to add networks such as Starz and HBO so you can expand your library. 


  • Some really good westerns
  • Great value


  • Few Western movies

Quick Overview: 30 Day Free Trial,  30-40 Westerns, $6.99 pm after trial

Netflix always has a good selection of movies, the only issue is our perceptive as most of us have already exhausted our Netflix library. It has a fair selection of  but pretty much all modern westerns with little to no classics from the likes of Clint Eastwood or John Wayne. Netflix is still great value as an overall streaming service but not the best for Westerns.


  • Newer westerns
  • Great value


  • Few Western movies
  • little/no classic westerns

19 Comments on “10 Best Streaming Services For Watching Western Movies”

  1. I would like grit also, my sister in Bossier City LA has Grit through Sudden Link and where I am I can’t subscribe to Sudden Link. Would love to get rid of Direct TV

  2. I live in Stratton, CO. We have direct tv and a couple months ago seen we had GRIT tv on ch 3 . We’re in our 60,s and fell in love with this ch. for the 1st time watching tv through the yrs we was seeing westerns that we hadn’t been able to see in decades !! All the other ch would show the same westerns over and over and we would say there is tons of old westerns they could show ( tv shows and movies ) but didn’t !! Till we found you !!!! Then in Dec. the ch took off GRIT and put yuk on it!!!!! I could have cried. We’re disabled so your ch filled our days with such great westerns we hadn’t seen forever !!!! We live in the middle of nowhere and aren’t very techy lol. But would love to know if there was any way to get GRIT back 🙏🙏 thank you

  3. hi, a few people have asked for grit, I still cannot find a way to watch Grit anywhere, but i will post it as soon as/ if I find a way. I have tried VPNs and searched everywhere for a way of doing it. unfortunately it seems it only broadcasts out of local stations, so you have to just be lucky enough to be within a signal range of somewhere that broadcasts the channel. here is a map of where they supposedly broadcsat from

  4. We watch grit with rabbit ears. We unplugged from cable and was surprised to find many stations free. We stream as well with prime and Philo . Direct tv got way to high

  5. I can watch it if I switch from streaming to antenna. My neighbor isn’t very technically enabled, though, and was looking was trying to find a way to watch on the streaming service. Unfortunately, I fell for Grindhouse Grit Gold and it had a lot of questionable things on there than I didn’t even want on my television!

  6. I would like grit and insp.. what streaming service has these??

  7. We can get Grit tv on a digital antenna in North Alabama. We get over 20 channels with an antenna.

  8. I LOVE insp but they do play the same movies over and over for months at a time. I still watch them anyway BUT would love other western movies and channels with westerns. If anyone knows of others that Spectrum accesses, please let me and others know.


  9. I LOVE insp but they do play the same movies over and over for months at a time. I still watch them anyway BUT would love other western movies and channels with westerns. If anyone knows of others that Spectrum accesses, please let me and others know.


  10. Howdy. Do any of these platforms accept advertising?

    Thx, J

  11. We have GRIT as an over the air channel. It is free. You get lots of good channels when you cut the cable.

  12. Here in NJ we were getting GRIT free on our antennae. Then a greedy station bought out the channel where it was streaming from Pennsylvania just over our border. Now we can’t find it and I don’t want to pay for the channel. That ia the whole reason for CUTTING CABLE because they became too greedy. Just let thing be for crying out loud and let us enjoy our TV viewing.

  13. I found GRIT with an old antenna. No cable needed. In Fort Worth, TX

  14. I want to switch but grit, insp, me TV, channel 342 on dish….I also like ion, law and order…

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