Watch Ongbak Online

Movies are always more exciting when so many people are recommending and praising it, as it allows you to prepare for and remove all distractions when your ready to sit down and watch. This is exactly how I approached Ong-Bak. The general consensus was that this awesome movie where all the stunts are done free style making Jet-lee and Jackie … Read More

Watch Emperors New Groove Online

watch-emperors-new-new-groove with Now TV free tria

This is my first review for this blog and I thought I would start with a bang and review something that has a place both in my childhood and my current life, as it is just so good it has become an all time classic in my life. Simple and stupid, brilliant yet dumb this film has it all for … Read More

Where to Watch How To Train Your Dragon 2

Watch how to train your dragon online

How to train your Dragon is available through your NowTV 30 day free movie pass. This is another instant animation hit from DreamWorks studios and the kid in me loves it! Rarely does a sequel live up to predecessor but this even exceeds the first movie. Its easy to watch, family friendly and has all that great hidden adult humour … Read More

Watch Attack On Titan, With Free Trial

watch attack on titan with free trial

Attack on Titan is available through crunchyroll and Netflix free trials. Probably one of the most popular anime, quickly building a massive global fan base, if you have never gotten into anime then perhaps you should start here. The Show is an adult themed anime and is based around a world where titans have claimed the earth and what’s remaining … Read More