Creep Show 2019 Comes to Shudder

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If you are familiar with the works of Stephen King beyond the well known commercial giants of The Shinning and Misery then Creep Show is likely to be one of your top cult horror TV entertainment picks.

Stephen King is arguably better known for his various series of short horror stories with the likes of Nightmares & Dream-scapes and his work in the 80’s with the CreepShow collection.

If you have never seen the CreepShow then a quick overview for you is a collection of comic strip stories from a horror comic know as CreepShow. The Movies focus round a young boy and his comic book, we are then taken into each story of the comic as it is played out on screen.

It is personally my favorite cult horror movie collection, however I must warn it is very dated with laughable acting and graphics. Be warned though the subjects of each short story will stick with you for life, especially if like me you first watched them when you were no older than 8 years.

From a man eaten alive by cockroaches to a man eaten alive by mold or even Stephen Kings own take on The Blob, these are great shorts which I recommend to all horror fans.

The CreepShow now has a new lease of life with an updated series in 2019, I am yet to view these but if the story and subjects are half as good then I am sure to enjoy, any updated acting of special effects will be welcomed as long as we do not loose the classic cult feel.

CreepShow is now being offered on Shudder, you can watch for free with a

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