Festive Movies on Amazon Prime 2019

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Amazon Prime Christmas Movies

It’s that time of year again, where we browse our movie collections for festive treats to get us in the mood. Personally I try to remain strict and insist no Christmas movies until 1st December! However like any modern man I rarely get my way and am always out voted by the women in my life.

Time to give in and let the festive films flow. In my first post I will give a brief outline on what to expect on Amazon Prime. There are “at time of writing” 85 listings for Christmas Movies on Amazon Prime, and I would also recommend trying to access the UK Amazon Prime Market as the selection appears to be better.

Love Actually – Starting off strong with probably the most love British Christmas film of all time, definitely on my house holds to watch list.

Groundhog Day – Not technically a Christmas film, however it is one of the few films on this list that I will allow to be watched pre-December, and Bill Murray is awesome.

Nativity – Another Great British classic, this is by far one of the funniest films on this list, if you have not seen this movie yet please watch it!

Deck The Halls – I love this film, though I rarely get to watch it, I think it is hugely under appreciated.

The Night before – If you are looking for humour a little more inappropriate then Seth Rogan is as funny as ever in this certificate 15 festive hit.

So I started writing this blog post in high hopes and have now looked through the entire Amazon library and to be perfectly honest these are the only movies to note. There are a few cartoon movies along with a couple of adaptations of A Christmas Carol, but beyond that I am rather dissapointed. If these are the perfect 5 films for you and you only plan on using Amazon Prime for a 30 days free trial then great go ahead, but the offering currently seems to be limited.

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