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Acorn TV free trial provides Americans with British TV programmes.

What devices work with Acorn TV?

Acorn TV has a direct app for Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, Apple TV (tvOS version), iPhone/iPad, Android mobile & tablets and Chromecast. It is also available through internet browsers on desktops and laptops.

Is Acorn TV on Amazon Fire Stick?

Yes Acorn is available through many devices including firestick. It is also available through Amazon Prime.

How do I watch Acorn TV on my smart TV?

Currently no Smart TV interface supports the Acorn platform directly, be it panasonic, sony, samsung etc… However if you have chrome on your smart TV then you can watch it through this on your TV. One more option would be to have Acorn TV added to your Amazon Prime subscription, this way you can watch it on your Smart TV through your Amazon Prime Video App.

Is Acorn TV free?

Well no, but you can access a 7 day free trial by following the links on this page.

Acorn TV Review

As British, as a TV streaming service can be, acorn TV has a great library of British shows for all Americans with a little British in them. I have reviewed many streaming services now and the whole user interface and layout is neither here nor there, they are all easy to use and once your watching something it makes no difference anyway so I give up trying to review usability. Instead I will just give an overview of what you are getting.

A 7 day trial added on to your Amazon Prime, so if you have Amazon no further details such as credit card are required, you simply click the link on this page and a couple of clicks later you will have full access. The shows are not just British, they are shows which are even too British for the Brits, I should know as I am from the UK myself. Having said that the collection of comedy is something which I personally love, I recommend Father Ted and Peep Show to start you off. If your old and simple perhaps you would prefer some Poirot or Foyles war. Perhaps stay clear of the shows at the bottom as that is where all these streaming services seem to stick the rubbish.

Despite my mixed opinion about this service it seems very popular in the US, so it is obviously providing Americans with the TV they want and expect from across the Atlantic.

The deeper I dig into this service the more I realise it is more for die hard fans of Britain as there are things on there that not even I would watch, for example Royal Family documentaries and period dramas dating back to the 1970's, I'm not dissing Pride & Prejudice but what if it was made in the 70s? I think if they really wanted to show authentic British TV they need to be show casing comedies such as Only Fools & Horses, The Inbetweeners and Red Dwarf, this is where the best tv lays. Instead it focuses on dramas with extremely stereotypical British characters with large moustaches, bad teeth, overly English accents and lots of tea drinking. Being from the UK I am not offended in anyway, in fact I find it rather amusing, come and see what we have to offer by all means, we have some brilliant TV!.

If you choose to go ahead with this free trial then let me guide you in what to watch... Firstly QI is a brilliant panel show hosted by Stephen Fry, its theme is having lots of wonderful and amazing facts to share to its audience. I would also recommend Detectorists, a lovable less known British comedy simply made but well written. To be honest the best British tv is not on Acornt tv, but for 7 days free you have a good place to start if that's what your looking for.

Acorn TV is owned by RLJ entertainment and has supplied the US with British TV since 1991 where they produced VHS and then DVD and Blu-rays. Since 2013 they moved to the online market, following suit with all the other large entertainment suppliers. There are not many niche streaming services but Acorn TV is well worth it, with years of British comedy and drama to enjoy. It is also noting that as well as British TV it also has a variety of TV from Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Acorn TV Catalogue

There is no better way to browse the Acorn TV library than getting your 7 day free trial, however here are a few of the British series available.

If you are looking for British TV then try this Acorn TV free trial.


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