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Amazon Prime Video 30 day trial plus Fandor 7 day trial In one Subscription through Amazon. 

Fandor is a movie streaming service specialising in independent cinema, it is designed for those who do not wish to watch mainstream entertainment but rather the quirky and the experimental, but that does not mean that it does not have 1000s of great titles to choose from.


Amazon Prime Video 30 day trial plus Mubi 7 day trial in one Subscription through Amazon. 

MUBI free trial online cinema works differently to most other streaming services.  Whilst it is one of the cheapest it does not have the same extensive library as its competitors. Instead it hand picks a selection of films for its subscribers, meaning it caters for those who love to discover new cinema.

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Amazon Prime Video 30 Day Trial plus Shudder 7 Day Trial In one Subscription through Amazon. 

If your a fan of the occult the gory the terribly awful but brilliant horror movies throughout the years then you will quickly become a fan of shudder. Great for Halloween and late night movie sessions with your friends, Shudder is not one to miss.

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