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Get your AMC Free Trial - Start your 7 Day free trial to access AMC through Philo or a number of other platforms that offer AMC within a free trial period. Once you have AMC you can get AMC Premiere for content such as The Walking Dead Series and many more on demand.

If you are looking for a free trial to AMC channels or AMC Premiere then you have many options to choose from. AMC channels are provided through various cable and cord-cutting services, sometimes it is included and with other services it can be added as an additional add-on.

Our Free Trial will first have you signing up to Philo TV to Get the standard AMC channels, you will then need to get AMC Premiere separately, which I go into more detail below.

AMC Free Trial Online (cord-cutting services)

The easiest way is to use an online service. The online services that currently have AMC channels

  1. Fubo TV

  2. Philo TV

How to Get AMC Premiere

If your cable or cord-cutting service offers AMC then you will also be able to get AMC Premiere at an extra cost. You can only get AMC premiere if you already have cable or some form of paid TV.

1. Get an online cord cutting service we recommend Philo TV  >>

2. Ensure it has the standard AMC channel

3. Go to AMC Premiere and select your provider

4. Download the AMC app and connect to your TV/cord-cutting provider

AMC Free Trial on Philo

Philo TV is the only service that we currently have listed that includes AMC on its free trial period. Philo is a low cost cord-cutting service that keeps costs low with great channels by not offering any local channels.

Onc e you have your Philo free trial and have AMC you can go to AMC Premiere to get that on another free trial

To find out more check out our Philo Free Trial page.

AMC Free Trial on FUBO TV

FUBO TV specialises on sport and local sport channels.

To see all content available on FUBO TV during your 7 days see our Fubo TV Free Trial.

How to get AMC Premiere on the above Services

Once you have your cord-cutting service you will need to go to where you will be offered AMC for a monthly or annual price.


Once you have selected if you want to pay monthly or annually then you will have to select your provider and login to your TV provider account. You will see they have almost every provider in America, except for some reason Sling TV?.

A 7 Day free trial should automatically be included.


How to Get AMC Premiere Free Trial on Cable TV

By using the same method as above you can get AMC Premiere on you current cable TV, as long as you already have the AMC channel, simply select your cable provider and sign in.

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    I got a free trial for AMC through Amazon Prime. I have now checked and I already get AMC station on my cable provider. Could you please make sure you cancel my free trial. I joined August 11th/21

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