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BroadwayHD is a truly unique streaming service with access to a whole library of fantastic entertainment you will never get anywhere else. With almost 300 live shows this free trial could save you thousands on theatre tickets, as long as you don't mind watching the shows in your lounge rather than the theatre. To be brutally honest nothing will replace the magic of going to see a show, however it is a fantastic tool for education if you are studying a certain play or writer.

It is also great for seeing discontinued shows that you thought you would never get to see.

Does BroadwayHD have a trial?

Yes, it offers 7 days both directly and through Amazon channels

How to cancel my Broadway free trial?

It has not been made difficult…

  1. Log into your Broadway account online

  2. Click on the Account Icon in the Broadway menu

  3. for the cancellation instructions

How to cancel my Broadway free trial on Amazon Channels?

If you have subscribed through Amazon channels..

1. Log into your Amazon Account

2, Go to

3. You will see your channels and will be able to manage each one with option to cancel

How much does BroadwayHD cost per month?

If you purchase directly…

$8.99 per month


$99.99 per year

Through Amazon channels…

$8.99 per month

How do you pay for BroadwayHD?

If you have Amazon then you can pay with one click through whatever you pay for Amazon goods with.

If your going direct …

  • Paypal

  • American Express

  • MasterCard

  • Visa

Does Broadway have a contract?

A rolling monthly or annual contract depending on what you pick.

Whats on Broadway HD?

Almost 300 shows are available both past and present.

  • Kinky Boots

  • Kats

  • Nutcraker

  • Les Miserable

  • and many more

best way to see whole list is to browse the Amazon Channel here

What Devices is Broadway HD available on?

It is available on the following…

  1. iOS Phones

  2. Android Devices

  3. Apple TV

  4. Amazon Firestick

  5. Roku Stores

  6. Standard PC and Mac Browsers

It is not currently available on Chromecast or built in Smart TV Televisions

What is the best device for BroadwayHD?

Always try to get a 4k device, the most cost effective would be the Amazon Fire 4k devices followed by Roku 4k devices. Apple 4k devices are too expensive for me to recommend.

How does BroadwayHD work on my TV?

The only way to get Gaia on your TV is to connect one of the devices above preferably via HDMI cable.

Does Broadway work on multiple TVs?

If you purchase on Amazon channels you can watch on 2 devices at once.

Is BroadwayHD on Amazon Channels?

Yes, go here to get it quick and easy on Amazon Channels.

BroadwayHD Review

BroadwayHD is a difficult one to clarify as either good or bad. Personally I do not like watching musicals or shows from a TV set purely because that is not how a show is suppose to be enjoyed.

Having said that it definitely has its purpose among scholars, students and education in general.

Technically if you are say a teacher and wanting to show a production to your class through the service then strictly speaking it is not allowed as it is not a commercial service. Although this would be true for any DVD teachers put on during the holidays or any Shakespeare film the literature teacher would put on. I’m sure no one would ever make an issue of it if you used it to help teach your class.

The interface is extremely simple with just images of all the shows posters which you can stroll through click and play, which is all you really need. Everything is then broken into categories or you can use the simple search bar.

I think to take this free trial beyond the 7 days free you would probably have to be someone with real passion for the theatre, personally I cannot picture myself ever choosing a production over a binge worthy TV series.

BroadwayHD Free Trial

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