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7 Days

I have had the pleasure of reviewing many streaming services, however I thnk I have found my personal faviroute. Brown Sugar pride themselves on a badass collection of Afro-American movies and tv, infact that is their slogan “Stream the BIGGEST Collection of the BADDEST Movies!” I have always been a fan of anything cult and I love the 80s & 90s cult classics this service focuses on.

They sure know how to sell themselves, the first thing you will be exposed to is their trailer advert, you have got to watch it here below…

My Favourite line was “Like Netflix… Only Blacker”. If that hasn't sold it to you then lets talk a little more about content it has to offer. We found that its movies stretch from modern blockbuster hits such as Crash, to cul cool guy classics such as Super Fly and Let's Do It Again. I must say I love what these guys are doing, taking a theme and making sure they are the best in the industry.

With Netflix and Amazon battling it out no other streaming service stand a chance when it comes to sheer content and appealing to a wider more commercial audience. The best thing for anyone to do is exactly what Brow Sugar are doing. Become the experts in a single field of cinema and then offer your audience your expertise.

The TV shows are not quite as exciting as its collection of film, but that is not what they are going after, so I can forgive this.

If you Like action, gunshots, explosion and all round badass action then look no further. Out of all the free trials I have signed up to this is one of the few I have kept. I just think there is so much to enjoy that I cannot bring myself to cancel.

The service advertises itself strongly on Black Culture cult programs with films like Shaft and Coffy, however its has a much deeper content basis with films like Hotel Rwanda and Muhammad Ali. 

I apologise in advance if you do not like Brown Sugar, however I am giving it the full 5 Stars!