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Get your CBS All Access free trial here – Start your 7 day trial to Access CBS premium network service online and on App. Watch the latest Star Trek series as well as a stream of great movies such as Airplane, Spiderman, Leon, The Godfather and anymore. Available directly and on Amazon Channels both as a free trial.

How to get 2 Week of CBS Access Free Trials

You can take advantage of all platforms offering CBS as an additional add-on, currently only Amazon Channels is offering the network in addition to going to the CBS All Access platform itself

Amazon Channels (7 days) – If you have an Amazon Prime account you can add CBS free for 7 days as an additional channel

Direct (7 Days) – CBS All Access is primarily a stand-alone service normally only offered directly and not within other Cord-cutting services. You can get the 7 Day free trial directly on their website or various apps.

CBS All Access Free Trial on Amazon Channels

The Amazon Channels are a great place to get free trials to multiple premium networks if you already have a Prime account. If you do not have a Prime account then you will also get your 30 day free trial to the Prime account when you get your 7 days to CBS.


  • Very quick and easy if you already have an Amazon account (If you already have an Amazon account you don't have to re-enter any details, it is just 1 or 2 clicks from our link)

  • Very easy to cancel on your Amazon account

  • You can add multiple channels with free trials at the same time and just as easily cancel at the same time

  • Works on your Amazon Prime app, meaning you will be able to watch on any device which allows Amazon Prime Video (which is almost everything)


  • If you don't have an Amazon Prime Video account you have to get that too and get a 30 day trial to Prime.

  • Amazon are dominating the world, do you really want to help them?


Simply click below and you will be taken to the CBS All Access signup page, or if your not logged in just login / signup for an Amazon Prime free trial as well.

Get CBS Trial on Amazon Channels

CBS All Access Directly

To keep things simple you can get the free trial directly for 7 days.


  • You are not signing up to anything else you may not want

  • Can use the CBS All Access app on all the compatible devices rather than relying on any other services platform.


  • You will not get anything else other than CBS All Access, unlike Amazon Channels where you can get lots of other free trials.


If you dont want any other free trials along with your CBS All Access or you dont already have an Amazon account with no interest in getting one then just go direct.


Get CBS Trial directly

How much CBS All Access cost after the free trial?

CBS all access is available from $5.99pm or if you wish to watch without ads then $9.99pm.

What shows are available on my CBS All Access free trial?

CBS All Access has dozens of shows with thousands of episodes, here are a list of some of the most popular shows.

  • Why Women Kill
  • Love Island
  • Big Brother
  • Start Trek Discovery
  • NCIS
  • The Twilight Zone
  • Elementary
  • Hawaii Five-O
  • The Good Fight
  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
  • The Young and the Restless
  • Instinct
  • The Bold and the Beautiful
  • FBI
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • The Late Late Show with James Corden

Can I watch live TV on CBS All Access free trial?

Yes but they are only your local CBS channel if one is available in your area, CBSN 24/7 news, and CBS Sports HQ.

CBS All Access Free Trial Review

The CBS All Access video on demand is a popular and a growing video on demand service throughout the US, it offers its users not just 1000s of current and old tv series but live sports, news and tv, from local stations and all the CBS network channels. It is unfortunately only available in the US, however this often makes it easier for streaming services to obtain licensees/contracts for more and better films/tv.

The sign up for your one week trial is fairly straight forward, once you have clicked the followed the link on this page you will see it is just a couple of easy steps before your watching your favourite shows.

If your wanting to see a little more of what the service has to offer you can take a small tour before you sign-up.

You may find that most of the tv you watch is available through the CBS all access network. Like many watch less and less tv through your cable box and gradually replace it with a service like CBS as it offers the live tv as well as unlimited tv shows any-time anywhere, through tablets smart-tv, game console and roku devices.

To know if the CBS service is for you get your CBS all access free trial.

How to cancel CBS All Access Free Trial?

The steps to cancel your free trial will be different for each platform…


1. Log into your Amazon, ideally on a browser (its easier to spot what you need)
2. Navigate to ‘Your Account’
3. Click on ‘Prime Video Channels’ under ‘Subscriptions’.
4. Here you will be able to add and remove channels.
5. If you are already signed in you can go straight to this link  go to
Please note this does not cancel your Prime subscription just Showtime.

On CBS All Access Directly

If you have your free trial directly with CBS then you will need to cancel on a browser
Sign into your account (on a computer/mobile browser) on the CBS website here

1. Go to the My Account page
2. You should be automatically directed to the My Account page
3. Scroll down to the bottom until you see the “Cancel My Subscription” button.
4. Click on “Cancel My Subscription”
5. Answer the confirmation question, this is where they may also try and change your mind by offering you a deal.
6. Confirm your understanding of cancellation terms, just say yes to all
7. They will ask you why your going, tell them anything you like
8. After leaving feedback, click on the button to confirm your cancellation.

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