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Get your Cinemax free trial here - Start your trial and get up to 3 weeks to Cinemax and enjoy a stream of great movies on demand such as Jurassic World, The Mask, i-Robot and much more. Cinemax free trial available directly, on Amazon Channels and through Hulu.

How to get 3 weeks of Cinemax free trials

Like several other premium networks Cinemax is available  through multiple platforms as a 3rd party.  Most platforms will often offer you a free trial to each premium network with the hope that you keep the add-on.

  1. Amazon Channels (7 Days) -Amazon offers many 3rd party streaming services including Cinemax which has a 7 day trial here. You will need to have either a Prime account already or get a 30 day trial to this also.
  1. AT&T TV Now (7 Days) - When You signup to the AT&T Internet TV service you can add a number of premium networks all with a 7 day free trial, including Cinemax for 7 days here. AT&T TV will also be on a 7 day trial.
  1. Hulu (7 Days) - Hulu is a very popular service with the option of many add-ons, Cinemax is one of these with that you can add for 7 days free. If you do not already have Hulu then you will get a 1 month trial for this also. Click here for Hulu.

What channels are Cinemax on?

Standard Cinemax can be found on the below. However a full subscription would mean you can watch online through browsers.

AT&T U-verse HD. Cinemax Channel(s) 1832 – 1846.
Charter HD. Cinemax – Channel(s) 530 – 557.
Comcast XFINITY TV HD. Cinemax – Channel(s) 319 – 338.
Cox Communication HD. Cinemax – Channel(s) 1220 – 1230.
DirecTV HD. Cinemax – Channel(s) 515 – 523.
DISH Network HD. 
Time Warner Cable HD. 
Verizon FiOS HD.

What is Cinemax on Amazon?

All the Cinemax movies and shows can be accessed on your amazon account as an on-demand service. This means no need to schedule your time, just catch up on any device where you can also access Amazon Instant.

Does Cinemax have an app?

You have options here, firstly you can find their app which is under the name MaxGo. Alternatively and  what is probably easier is to attach the Cinemax channel to your Amazon Video account. This option will allow you to access Cinemax content on every device or browser as Amazon has support for everything. To get more on this just follow the green links at the top or bottom of this page.

How much does Cinemax  cost after the free trial?

The best price we can find is through Amazon at $9.99 pm, again follow links for a free trial  on this page.

Can I Watch Cinemax on Roku?

You can watch Cinemax on anything with a browser or a direct app. The app you need will depend on how you have Cinemax, so either MaxGo app or Amazon Video App. Nowadays most browsers support streaming service anyway.

How do I subscribe to Cinemax on Amazon?

Easy follow the free trial links on this page to sign-up to Cinemax on Amazon.

Does Cinemax have a free trial?

Yes follow links on this page.

Is HBO and Cinemax the same company?

Yes under the same parent company, but often sold and operated  separately.

Cinemax free trial review

In the golden age of streaming, there are dozens of services all vying for an audience while the old services slowly fall to the wayside. Each streaming service promotes an exclusive genre or having the latest flicks for you to view at home, but will see most flounder as the majority of new business do. Cinemax has kept up with its action-packed content while staying up-to-date in the era of Netflix-styled entertainment and has expanded its content to include original programming as well as features not found in other companies. There is a reason they are still popular and strongly supported by subscribers. They say the era of cable or premium cable is over but Cinemax continues to demonstrate how wrong that is and I'm going to tell you why.

One-way Cinemax has kept its competitive edge by offering itself as an app that can be installed on any device from your T.V. to your smartphone. Don't worry if you already have a cable provider, Cinemax is also provided through DirecTV, Xfinity, U-verse, and a host of other services beyond the major ones. I'm sure you've guessed that since Cinemax is offered as an app that it could be available as an extension on things like Amazon Prime and you would be one hundred percent correct. If cable isn't your thing and you prefer a single service that also works with speciality channels, Cinemax is still available to you. It can be your Amazon Prime action go-to.

The versatility offered isn't bound to how you can watch but also the genres that exist, while Cinemax is known primarily for action movies and late-night adult entertainment, they've branched out over the years to include all kinds of flicks. Cinemax still has its scheduled movies and shows as it always did, but it has expanded into streaming with MaxGo. Rather than waiting for a movie to play long after bedtime, you can watch at your leisure. So why the scheduling? It seems to me that many are still accustomed to television time rather than ready to view on any device. I think it's smart to keep a traditional format available for these people.

Beyond sticking to their reissuing of the latest theatrical releases and traditional scheduling format, they offer a host of original programming. Cinemax's programs aren't relegated to an endless parade of action, for instance, The Knick is an early 20th-century period-medical drama centred around a fictionalised version of Knickerbocker Hospital in New York. While Knick is no longer creating new episodes, the extraordinarily popular Strike Back is going strong. This spy-drama is based on a novel and follows a secretive arm of the British Defence Intelligence service. Beginning in 2010 and just wrapping its 6th season entitled Retribution, each season contains a central story with an over-arching evolution of characters and story-line.

Cinemax has been around for long enough to where they'll have access to flicks and funding before the newer streaming companies, still popular enough to show popular theatrical releases immediately after they've left the theatre. This is one of the reasons why people choose to stick to traditional cable or include Cinemax in their streaming service. The viewing revolution offered by Netflix and Hulu only extends so far, they have yet to compete with this level of access. An example of this is the original Mike Judge Presents: Tales from the Tour Bus.

Mike Judge is a remarkable talent best known for Beavis and Butthead and King of the Hill, and now continues his legacy on Cinemax. In Tales from the Tour Bus, he has called on his animation skills to bring us interviews with well-known country-stars and those who knew them best delivered in cartoon fashion. The show isn't all animation, but animated reenactments of the stories told as well as featuring archival footage of performances, rare photos, and behind the scene tape recordings. Original shows like these are exclusive to Cinemax, the features beyond programming make it an enticing must-have in any cable or streaming service.

Many companies shy away from adult entertainment, fearing to upset some viewers or groups. Cinemax understands that a variety of adults enjoy movies and shows that cater to appetites not fit for public viewing and they do not shy away from that. Besides having family locks available on almost all services and televisions now, Cinemax schedules these movies late at night. Unless you have MaxGo, then you can stream whatever you'd like on any device, any time of day. It's obvious that this company trusts its subscribers with responsible viewing, keeping whatever they deem inappropriate from ages it would inappropriate for. To me, it is a plus being treated like an adult who can make their own choices.

With this powerhouse of original programming, watching however and whenever I choose, as well as at a reasonable subscription rate, I'm happy to count Cinemax among my streaming services. They're the perfect combination of old-style scheduled viewing with unlimited access to the titles they carry, not to mention they're still unafraid of appealing to adult audiences. Entertainment providers like Cinemax are institutions for a reason and they'll go on demonstrating that they're a force to be reckoned with in this new era. Out with the old and in with the new does not apply to them, but adaptability certainly does.

If you have not yet tried Cinemax then get your Cinemax free trial.

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    [email protected]
    My house sitter started a 7 day free trial on my email without my permission

    Cancel the free trial on my email. Thanks Norm Furr

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    Hi Norm, sorry to hear that, this site is just an affiliate site meaning we have no control over any subscriptions and hold no details of anyone who comes through us. I would however like to help, if it was cinemax from our cinemax link then it wouldve been on Amazon channels, this means you can cancel it on your amazon account

    Amazon Channels

    Log into your Amazon, ideally on a browser (its easeir to spot whatyou need)

    Navigate to ‘Your Account’

    Click on ‘Prime Video Channels’ under ‘Subscriptions’.

    Here you will be able to add and remove channels.

    Hope this helps

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    my granddaughter used my account with amazon today and for free trial with cinemax. i dont want 7 days free trial. cancel immediately. thank you. miriam hausman

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    Hi miriam hausman

    We do not have any control over this, this is just an affiliate site meanign we just direct peopel to products, you will need to go to you Amazon account and cancel the cinemax channel subscription

    Log into your Amazon, ideally on a browser (its easeir to spot what
    Navigate to ‘Your Account’ you need)
    Click on ‘Prime Video Channels’ under ‘Subscriptions’.
    Here you will be able to add and remove channels.

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