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Epix has now got a VOD service and it is something for Netflix to keep an eye on. An impressive library of movies and shows. A US service that has had various success over the years and has tried to break into online streaming for a long time with limited success. But with more competition than ever along with Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, Hulu and many more Epix and other services are having more success taking customers from Netflix.

What is Epix Now

Epix Now is just Epix available as an app. Epix is a premium cable network channel with exclusive series much like HBO, Starz or Showtime.

Epix or Epix Now is available as a 3rd party subscription on a number of cable providers, cord-cutting platforms and App stores.

Does Epix Now have a free trial?

Yes, but do not get confused with the standard Epix Network, Epix Now has a 7 Day trial.

How to cancel my Epix free trial?

If you are getting confused when trying to cancel your Epix Now account do not panic, this may be done because it is different on different devices depending how you setup your account.

Google Play Store

  • Go to playstore on your android Device of a Browser

  • Make sure your signed into your Google account

  • Tap Menu and then Subscriptions.

  • Select the subscription you want to cancel.

  • Tap Cancel subscription.

  • Follow remaining instructions

iPhone or iPad

  • Go to Settings app on your iOS device.

  • Select your name associated with your iTunes account.

  • Tap the iTunes & App Store option.

  • Tap your Apple ID and sign in if prompted.

  • Tap "View Apple ID" in the pop-up

  • Tap Subscriptions and find EPIX NOW.

  • Choose Cancel Subscription or Turn Off Automatic Renewal.

Apple TV

  • Go to Settings, select Accounts

  • Under Subscriptions, select Manage Subscriptions

  • Choose EPIX NOW and then select Cancel Subscription


  • Go to iTunes and sign in

  • Choose Account and go to View My Account in the menu bar

  • Enter your password and select View Account.

  • Scroll down to Settings and then Choose Manage.

  • Find EPIX NOW and select Edit.

  • Select to Cancel Subscription and confirm.


  • Go to and sign in to the Roku account associated with your EPIX NOW subscription.

  • Choose Manage Your Subscriptions.

  • Find EPIX NOW and select Unsubscribe

Amazon AppStore

  • Visit and sign into your Amazon account

  • Find EPIX NOW in your subscriptions list and turn off auto-renewal.

How much does Epix Now cost ?

Epix Now costs $5.99 per month making it a very competitive pricing model. The price is the same through all platforms be it Android, Apple, Google Play, Roku etc.. However Amazon Channels are offering an alternative to a free trial with 3 months for $3.99.

 How do you pay for Epix Now?

Epix Now is only available as a device app store, as such the payment option will depend on what platform you use (Apple Store, Play, Amazon, Roku). Whatever payment option you have set up on the given store will be your payment options.

 What's on Epix Now?

Everything that is on Epix is on Epix Now. The only difference is Epix now is the App version which comes with a free trial. According to the library on Amazon Channels this is just shy of 800 movies and tv series.

Being a Premium Network, they will have access to most if not all content shown on the Network over the last month or 2 or more, therefore the content will be updated regularly.

Movies to note (time of writing)

  • Bumble Bee
  • The Avengers
  • Daddys Home 2
  • Creed 2
  • Thor
  • Captain America
  • Iron Man 2
  • The Commuter
  • Rango
  • Transformers: Dark of The Moon
  • Pi
  • The Spirit
  • Kick Ass
  • True Grit

Series To note

  • Godfather of Harlem
  • Pennyworth
  • Deep State
  • Get Shorty
  • Berlin Station
  • Road To The NFL

What Devices can I watch Epix now on?

You will be able to watch on all devices with Roku, Android Apple and Google Play store apps available. Being available also as an Amazon Channel means you will also watch on Amazon Prime, which is almost available on everything now a days with great support.

What is the best device for Epix Now?

This is a difficult question for Epix Now due to the way it works on a choice of apps or 3rd party subscriptions.

If you’re getting the Epix Now App

Get on Amazon Fire stick 4k when you signup to amazon Channels. This will be the most cost-effective way maintaining decent picture quality

If you’re getting on Cord-cutting provider

Sign-up through DirecTv Now and if you have a smart TV you will be able to watch through your TV app which should match the maximum quality of your TV.

How does Epix Now work on my TV?

Through Any device on Roku, Apple or Android through a HDMI cable. Or if you purchase it on DirecTv Now through the Smart TV app.

Does Epix Now work on multiple TVs?

This will depend on your subscription platform. Amazon Channel will allow 2 along with DirecTv Now.

List of similar Free trials

  • Starz
  • Cinemax
  • Showtime
  • HBo


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    You cancel my Epix channel in August 2020, and yet Apple has been paying you the whole time $5.99 a month ! Please refund my 8 months of paying you through Apple Pay 5.99 with no service because you canceled my subscription! Thank you

  2. blank

    I looked EVERY where where to cancel and it aknt showing up no where! Nice scam you have going on! Cancel my sup Scription NOW thefts

  3. blank

    Hi Lisa

    This link still works to cancel if you got your free trial via Amazon channels, make sure you are on a web browser and logged into your amazon account.

    Failing that you will need to reach out to Amazon, let us know how it goes, if they still cant cancel then we can update our recommendations for this trial if there is a continuous pattern of this happening, we have removed trials from certain companies for doing this before.

    you can manage each channel on this link. hope this helps

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    I can’t seem to figure how to cancel 7 day trial.

    Amazon Prime Epix. Please help

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    I am not able to cancel my 7 day free trial, help please

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