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How much does Fear Factory cost?

It can be yours for $2.99 pm

How do I cancel Fear Factory free trial?

To cancel your Fear Factory free trial on Amazon you simply navigate to ‘Your Account’ page and then click on ‘Prime Video Channels’ under ‘Subscriptions’. Here you will be able to add and remove channels.

Is Fear Factory worth it?

It is a matter of opinion, give your trial a go if you like the movies then it may keep you entertained for a few months but I cant see the content keeping you hooked much longer. I think most people will stop at the free trial.

Fear Factory Review

Fear Factory is another 3rd party streaming service which only seems to be available through Amazon Channels just like Horror TV, and I suppose that is its closest competitor. Firstly don't get it confused with as that is the website of an American heavy metal band, if you are to google fear factory that is pretty much all you will find reference to with nothing to do with the movie streaming service.

At $2.99 pm it is slightly more than its closest rival Horror TV which is $1.99pm, so how does the extra $1 compare? to be perfectly honest I prefer Horror TV. With only around 40 movies fear factory offers neither a niche nor quantity and certainly dosn't offer quality. It has a selection of OK(ish) movies with a sprinkling of documentaries. It is possible to forgive some of these niche streaming services as they are small independent companies trying to pick a small selection of films for viewers to enjoy, as long as they can offer at a reasonable price then fine. I still look at many streaming services like this and consider that renting a VHS or DVD use to be £3.50 back in the UK in the Nineties and Naughties and now a service like this you can rent all 40 movies for $2.99 per month.

We will be visiting this service again in about a year to see if it has improved as we have seen with other niche streaming services, but as it stands in 2019 there is little to get excited about. Take your 7 day free trial as there may be something I missed about this service.

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