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Feeln is now operating as Hallmarks Movies Now, the platform has changed but content has largely been kept the same, however we suggest you read our Hallmarks Movie Now Page. The free trial here will direct you to Hallmark Movies 7 day free trial.

Feeln is the new name that hallmarks is operating under in the movie and TV streaming industry, as formerly they were operating as Spiritclips. Feeln is yet another option for family film streaming offering an impressively large library of family movies you know and are yet to discover. Pros include the cost, available from $1.99 p/m it is truly one of the cheapest, the cons are obviously the lack of movies for adults, so not so much action/gore, horror or adult humour shows. However this does not mean that it has just a load of kids movies, it has a great library of classic films, however this 7 day trial will allow you to judge the service for yourself.

The best way I can describe the content on feeln is American, by that I mean lots of American movies and series based on American families, probably best suited for the family to enjoy during Christmas as they have a lot of Christmas movies, I can't imagine anyone above the age of 10 sitting around watching boxsets and movies like you would with Amazon Instant but it is good to enjoy with the kids.

Feeln seems to have quite a mixture of TV series, most noticeable was many bible related movies, series and documentaries and its collection of contradictory series being many science based series diving into physics and the whole theory to everything type questions. I found this a little odd as it seems to be trying to appeal to all Americans, religious and atheist alike.

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