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Gaia is a unique streaming service that offers thought provoking, inspirational/motivational films, documentaries and shows. Being so specific is its primary selling point as you will not find this sort of content in such quantity anywhere else. Great for when your feeling down, needing motivation or having a hard time in life. Improve your health both body and mind.

Does Gaia have a free trial?

Yes, the base package has a 1 week free trial when you pay for either the annual or monthly subscription. The Live access subscription which includes workshop extras among other extras does not offer the free trial.

How to cancel my Gaia free trial?

  1. 1. first go to, we recommend using web browser as its always easier
  2. Click on “”My Account” and go to your billing section
  3. Click the “Cancel Plan” button and follow the instructions.
  4. For Non-US members you may have to submit a request
  5. If you signed up on itunes then you will have to cancel on your itunes account
  6. For Amazon Channels members go here
  7. For Roku users follow instruction here

How much does Gaia cost per month?

On the monthly billing plan Gaia is $9.95 per month on Amazon Channels. If however you go directly then you have an annual option which costs $99 annually.

The Live access version is $24.92 per month or $299 annually

How do you pay for Gaia?

Payment on Gaia has standard options…

  • PayPal with a valid credit card attached to the account

  • American Express

  • MasterCard

  • Visa

Whats on Gaia?

A huge library of health related videos for the body mind and spirit. This will include , inspirational films & documentaries, Yoga classes, series and much more.

The easiest way to browse would be on the Amazon Channel filter here

Does Gaia have a contract?

If you opt for the annual option then you will be stuck until the end of the annual period, if you only get the monthly billing option then it is a monthly rolling contract.

What Devices can I watch Gaia on?

Gaia is on the standard platforms but not the smart TV platforms such as Samsung, Sony etc. you will find an app on…

  • Apple iOS

  • Android

  • Chromecast

  • Roku

  • Amazon fire

What is the best device for Gaia?

Always try to get a 4k device, the most cost effective would be the Amazon Fire 4k devices followed by Roku 4k devices. Apple 4k devices are too expensive for me to recommend.

How does Gaia work on my TV?

The only way to get Gaia on your TV is to connect one of the devices above preferably via HDMI cable.

What’s the difference between Standard membership and Live access?

All membership options give you a huge library of VOD (video on demand) including…

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Series

  • Documentaries

  • Film

The Live Access then gives you…

  • Online immersive workshops with today’s top experts & teachers

  • Live chat participation with real time questions & answers

  • Replays of archived events to enjoy at your convenience

  • Simultaneous Spanish translation

if you opt for the standard option you will actually get extra content if you purchase the annual billing option, these include…

  • Try Gaia Live Access for free through 1/31/20

  • Exclusive alternative health magazine and Morning Ritual calendar

Does Gaia work on multiple TVs?

If you have the Amazon Gaia Channel then it will be limited to 2 along with your prime account.

Can I switch between Gaia packages?

This will depend on your billing cycle, you can always switch at the end of your billing period be it monthly or annually. It is usually easier to upgrade than downgrade as you are offering them more money

Is Gaia on Amazon Channels

Yes, Gaia has been on Amazon Channels since the earlier days of Channels and can be found here

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