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HBO free trial gives you 7 days access to the HBO network with on demand streaming options for hundreds of boxsets and movies. Available on most devices and Amazon Channels, Hulu, DirecTv Now and Playstation Vue.


How can I get a free trial of HBO?

You can get HBO free for a 7 day trial through our link on this page as an add-on channel on your amazon account.

If your looking to binge on back to back episodes of fantastic TV with only the occasional weekend movie like most people the this is your best option with you HBO Free Trial.

Do you get HBO for free with Amazon Prime?

HBO is only free for 7 days on top of your Aamzon Prime subscription after which it is $14.99 per month. Amazon Prime also has a cost of $12.99 per month or $6.49 if you are a student. However Amazon PRime has a 30 trial period, you 3 will need to cancel both if you are not interested in continuing the service.

How do I cancel HBO free trial on Amazon Prime?

To cancel on HBO free trial on Amazon you simply navigate to ‘Your Account’ page and thgen click on ‘Prime Video Channels’ under ‘Subscriptions’. Here you will be able to add and remove channels.

Is HBO free on Amazon Fire Stick?

Nothing is ever free, you will need it on your Amazon subscription, but once you have you will be able to watch through your Firestick.

What is difference between HBO GO and HBO now?

HBO Go is what is available through your TV network and you must have a paid cable subscription to acess. HBO Now is a stand alone paid service which allows you to watch both HBO Go and stream box sets, films and all HBO TV anytime. HBO Now is the reccomended servcive as it gives you access to all the boxsets and movies anytime wihtout any cable or satellite subscription.

Does HBO On Demand cost?

HBO on demand is HBO Now, it is $14.99 pm for the basic package direct or through Amazon Channels. Also available at various prices through Hulu, DirecTv Now or Playstation Vue. DirecTv Now is the only service to offer on the basic package meaning it also has it inlcuded with your free trial.

Can you watch Game of Thrones on Firestick?

Yes you can watch GOT through HBO Now channel on Amazon firestick. You can watch both through a HBO channel or you can rent or buy GOT direct from Amazon video.

Is HBO included in Amazon Prime?

Only if you add it as an extra channel. Amazon offer many of the premium network channels as add ons, technically making it a cord cutting service.

Can I get HBO without cable?

You can get HBO without cable through Amazon Prime HBO Now.

How Does HBO Compare with other Streaming Options

This is purely a matter of opinion and taste, however I have done a full analysis of a number of competitors, see my full report on the best streaming services.

HBO Now Review

HBO Free Trial will give you access to some of the greatest TV we have seen. The big names include Boardwalk Empire, OZ, The Sopranos, The Wire and finally the king of of TV shows Game of Thrones. HBO has quickly become one of the most sort after free trials. Although the unlimited box-sets puts HBO ahead of even Netflix in terms of TV shows it does not miss out on Movies . At the time of writing HBO are offering movies such as The Kingsman, Blade Runner , Gone in 60 Seconds and Die hard among many.

Due to my own personal love of the box-sets on offer this is my personal favorite streaming service, for this reason I have given it the full 5 stars, and I have to give at least one service the full 5 stars.

So popular is the HBO service that many consider it to be a cord-cutting option, however technically I would not consider it as such. The reason being is it only offers the content which is shown on the HBO channels, although if all you watch is a handful of TV series and the odd movie and are not interested in sports or news then I can easily see how you could live off HBO alone. The free trial I recommend is through Amazon Channels which make sit really easy to cancel.

HBO Content Quality

It is no secret that HBO has a lot of flagship shows, all of which are available in their entirety however it lacks any anime which its competitors does. This may be important for a lot of users as anime is a huge market and growing faster than most.

HBO Stream Quality

Bar a few streaming services most still lack 4k or HDR streaming options, it is not like it cannot be done as Curiosity Stream offers a 4K package. It is very frustrating when viewing on a 60 inch LED tv that you may as well be just using a 32 inch CRT as the quality doesn’t seem to go much higher. I suppose in this aspect having HBO through a cable network with a recordable box is still the best way of watching premium TV, however the quality isn’t an issue if you watch on the go and on multiple devices a lot.

Can I download programmes on HBO Now

Another real drawback to HBO Now is the lack of ability to watch programmes on the go offline. Major competitors such as Netflix and Amazon offer this. I personally still must use Netflix and Amazon to watch movies and Tv shows whilst on an aeroplane simply because they have this option. So if your like me and travel a lot then HBO may cause you some annoyance.


HBO Now lacks a lot of the features that large competitors have and allow for easy and smooth user experience and convenience, however it is pretty much the only place to watch some of the best shows and has a fantastic selection of movies. If they can sort out the software behind how it all works, then it could easily be as good if not better than Netflix as it already has the content to compete.

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