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HBO Max Free Trial (Formerly HBO Now)

Get your HBO free trial here -  Start your HBO free trial and get up to 4 weeks of HBO free . HBO has some of the best  shows such as Game of thrones, Sopranos, Westworld and The Wire along with a great rotation of movies such as The Joker, Godzilla and much more.

HBO Now free trial gives you 7 days access to the HBO network with on demand streaming options for hundreds of boxsets and movies. Available on most devices and Amazon Channels, Hulu and DirecTv Now (AT&T TV).

How can I get 4 weeks free trial of HBO Now?

You can get 4 weeks of HBO for free if you know where to look and take advantage of the multiple services offering the 7 day free trial of HBO.

  1. AT&T TV Now (DirecTV) - A premium Cord-cutting (Internet TV) service with packages and add-ons to accommodate almost anyone. With 7 Day free trials to multiple premium networks.

  2. Amazon Channels – You can add HBO 7 day trial as a 3rd party subscription onto your Amazon Prime account.

  3. Direct - If you go to HBO directly then you can sing up direct through them.

  4. Hulu - Go through hulu and sign up for the correct Hulu package that includes HBO and you will have a trial not just for HBO but many other great networks.

AND YES, you can use all of these back to back with the same details to get 4 weeks of HBO free.

Free Trials Similar to HBO

  1. Shudder Free Trial - Horror genre TV and Film streaming service
  2. Showtime Free Trial - Premium Network streaming service
  3. Cinemax Free Trial - Premium Network streaming service from MaxGo
  4. Starz Free Trial - Premium Network streaming service
  5. Epix Free Trial - Premium Network streaming service
  6. CBS All Access Free trial - Premium Network streaming service

HBO Free Trial on AT&T TV Now

AT&T TV formerly known as DirecTV is a more all inclusive/premium option for internet TV. However both their main packages come with a 7 day free trial, and both of these packages has HBO included for the 7 days.

They are easy to get, just follow this link here to choose your packages signup and watch for 7 days.


  • Comes with a lot of other channels including sports channels and local networks
  • Premium packages also gives you free trial on Cinemax
  • Easy to cancel – see how to cancel on our full AT&T TV review...


  • If you do not wish to continue the service but forget to cancel then it will cost you a highly monthly subscription of $65 every month until you cancel!

When you go through to AT&T TV both standard packages come with HBO in your free trial.


Get HBO Trial on AT&T TV

HBO Free Trial on Amazon Channels

Amazon channels is probably the best place to find TV and movie streaming free trials. Almost all their channels offer a 7 day free trial including HBO along with many other premium networks such as Starz, Showtime, Cinemax and many more.


  • Very quick and easy if you already have an Amazon account (If you already have an Amazon account you don't have to re-enter any details, it is just 1 or 2 clicks from our link)
  • Very easy to cancel on your Amazon account
  • You can add multiple channels with free trials at the same time and just as easily cancel at the same time
  • Works on your Amazon Prime app, meaning you will be able to watch on any device which allows Amazon Prime Video (which is almost everything)


  • If you don’t have an Amazon Prime Video account you have to get that too and get a 30 day trial to Prime.

Simply click below and you will be taken to the HBO sign up page, or if your not logged in just login / sign up for an Amazon Prime free trial as well.

Get HBO Trial on Amazon Channels

HBO Free Trial Directly

Obviously there is the direct free trial to HBO, this works fine if you wish to just have HBO for 7 days.


  • Only at risk of paying for HBO if you forget to cancel


  • You get no other free trials as part of the package
  • Have to sign-up all your details unlike Amazon where its all there (If you have Amazon account)
  • Harder to cancel than Amazon

If you dont want any other free trials along with your HBO or you dont already have an Amazon account with no interest in getting one then just go direct.


Get HBO Trial directly

HBO Free Trial on Hulu

Hulu offer the 7 day trial of HBO in addition to the one month free you will get for Hulu. Hulu will often have other bundles to put into a free trial, for example Disney Plus, Starz, Cinemax and many other premium networks.


  • Can add other free trials such as Disney Plus and Cinemax to your packages
  • Has many add-ons if you wish to continue beyond your free trial


  • Have to sign up for Hulu
  • Not as easy to cancel as Amazon Channels
  • Can be expensive if you add too many free trials and forget to cancel
  • May be confusing how you add extra free trials once signed up
showtime free trial on hulu

To add HBO Now or any other premium network free trial onto hulu, first signup for Hulu, then navigate to your add-ons page and add a free trial.

Get HBO Trial on Hulu

Our recommended free trial of HBO Now

Usually we like to keep it  simple and go for the direct free trial. However if you are into your free trials like we are then Amazon Channels seem to be a much better option.

It has free trials to dozens of great streaming services, is quick and easy to do, easy to cancel and we never have to keep giving our details over to numerous streaming services. Our main links on this page will take you to the Amazon Channels free trial of HBO Now. In addition to the ease of singing-up you also do not need to keep downloading the various apps as it all works on the Amazon Prime account.

How much will HBO cost after the free trial

As a stand alone service HBO costs $14.99 per month on all platforms where it is available as a standalone add on (or directly). So this will be the case for…

  • Amazon Channels
  • Hulu

However, if part of Hulu or Amazon you will also be charged for these if they are also part of your free trial

Amazon will charge you after 30 days for the prime subscription of $12.99 per month

Hulu will charge you after its 1-month free trial of $5.99

As for AT&T TV you will be charged whichever package you have chosen, which start at about $65 per month after 7 days.

When should I cancel the free trial to avoid being billed?

We recommend for all trials to cancel 24 hours before your renewal date. This way you will avoid all charges easily and if any issues arise then you have time to amend before you are billed.

Can I get HBO NOW free trial with a gift card?

No, that's the short answer. However, you can pay and watch HBO NOW with a gift card without any other payment methods needed. Once your gift card has run out if you enter your US payment details then it will give you a free trial.

Can I watch HBO Now outside the US?

Yes, If you have an American Debit/Credit card or gift card and connecting to a VPN service. Read more about VPNs here. If you're not from the US then you will need a gift card also.

Can I watch HBO Now on a free trial outside the US?

Yes, If you have an American Debit/Credit card and connecting to a VPN service

No, If you have no American Debit/Credit card.

So this is a complicated one. You can beat all the HBO NOW geographic blocks with a VPN and then you can use a gift card to get around the payment option. However, to get a free trial you must enter a valid Credit/Debit card.

To use the gift card outside the US, make sure you are connected to a VPN service, otherwise you will just get blocked. You must also go directly to this link...

Once you have entered your details you will just need to create email and password, then you can login and start watching.

In short...

Non US customers – can access HBO with gift card and VPN but no free trial available

US customers outside US – can access HBO Free Trial as normal if they have a VPN

How to cancel HBO NOW Free Trial?

The steps to cancel your free trial will be different for each platform…

Amazon Channels

  • Log into your Amazon, ideally on a browser (its easier to spot what you need)
  • Navigate to ‘Your Account'
  • Click on ‘Prime Video Channels' under ‘Subscriptions'.
  • Here you will be able to add and remove channels.

If you are already signed in you can go straight to this link  go to

Please note this does not cancel your Prime Subscription just HBO.

HBO Now Platform (Desktop/website)

Got to Then click on the Profile icon (upper-right corner), I assume you are logged in at this point

  • Choose Billing Information.
  • If your subscription is billed through HBO then you will see… 'Your HBO NOW subscription is billed through HBO.

(If your subscription is billed through another provider, choose them on this page.)

  • Click on Auto-Renew On and then confirm the change by choosing Yes, Turn it off. This will cancel your subscription. Take note of the date that your subscription expires. You can continue streaming until your subscription expires.

HBO Now Platform (Device App)

  • Sign in to the HBO NOW app on your device
  • Click Profile icon, then the Settings icon (upper-right corner).
  • Tap Billing Information. If your subscription is billed through HBO you will see…

'Your HBO NOW subscription is billed through HBO.

(If your subscription is billed through another provider, choose them on this page.)

  • Choose Cancel Your Subscription and a web page will open (this option only appears if your subscription is billed through HBO).
  • Select Auto-Renew On and then confirm the change by choosing Yes, Turn it Off. This will cancel your subscription.

HBO on Hulu

  • Go to and sign into your account.
  • In the Your Subscription section, find Add-ons and then Manage Add-ons.
  • Find HBO and change the checkmark to an X.
  • You can confirm cancellation by selecting “Review Changes”

Please note this does not cancel your Hulu Subscription just HBO.

AT&T TV Now (DirecTV)

HBO comes with your subscription so you cannot remove it without cancelling your entire AT&T TV account. For more information on AT&T TV and how to cancel please click here.

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  1. So I can use the 7 days free trail 4 times back to back after I cancel the previous one on Amazon?

  2. When we tested yes, though it was a while back, let us know if it is still successful

  3. I have HBO with my cable company and HBO Now/Max is supposed to be free. How do I set that up?

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