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How do I cancel my Horror TV subscription?

To cancel your horror TV free trial on Amazon you simply navigate to ‘Your Account' page and then click on ‘Prime Video Channels' under ‘Subscriptions'. Here you will be able to add and remove channels.

What devices is Horror TV available on?

Horror TV is available through Amazon as a 3rd party channel, therefore it is accessible on all Amazon Prime apps on all devices.

How much is Horror TV per month?

Horror TV is $1.99 per month after your 7 day free trial

Horror TV Review

Horror TV is a little known service which is best accessed through Amazon Channels. Initially I was quite impressed with this service, as at first glance it has a selection of premium movies such as the brilliantly funny Tucker & Dale Vs Evil and the unique found footage Norwegian film Troll Hunter. However ultimately you do get what you pay for, and paying only $1.99 per month the library currently has 69 films and no TV series.

After exploring this service a little deeper I begin to understand the price tag a little more. Whilst unlike other horror services such as Screambox it has premium horror films with a few B-rated films it seems to lack a niche. The majority of the premium films are films that I would definitely classified as flops, these are sometimes the worst kind of films. With B-movies you expect a low budget production with questionable acting and enjoy it for what it is, and even has a large niche following. Horror TV has neither the B-movie nor the premium movie audiences covered in depth. Best example of a really bad premium film would be the newer adaptation of Clash of the Titans, if you spend money on a film it has to be good!

Its not all negative, there are a few movies for the B-rated fans, a couple of classic horror movies and a selection of decent premium horror films, so we have a little for everyone on this service. At just $1.99 a month and a 7 day free trial it is still worth watching what is on offer. If you were to start your trial in the autumn approaching Halloween and keep it running through the winter months you will get a few good nights in on the couch with a sprinkle of screams thrown in.

We cannot seem to find a stand-alone app or website for this service and appears to be solely available through Amazon Channels. Being part of Amazon Channels mean it is available through a Prime Video account and can be watched on all the same apps and devices. Sign-up is quick and easy if you already have an Amazon login, with access in just a matter clicks. The large services such as Netflix still have a larger collection of Horror and our favourite horror only streaming service remains to be Shudder.

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