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How much does Indieflix Shorts cost?

Not much at all, at just $2.99 after your free trial

How Do I cancel Indieflix shorts?

To cancel your Indieflix free trial on Amazon you simply navigate to ‘Your Account’ page and then click on ‘Prime Video Channels’ under ‘Subscriptions’. Here you will be able to add and remove channels.

What devices can I watch indieflix on?

All devices, there are apps in apple and android as well as just being able to go through a browser so your options are plentiful

How much does Indieflix pay film makers?

It can vary, typically they are paid per minute viewed starting at 1p, but if videos are popular then this 1p can grow to 4p -10p – 16p and so on.

How many Videos are on Indieflix?

last we heard 5000+, but that was a while ago so the number would have grown, the great thing is it could potentially have endless videos.

What is Indieflix Shorts on Amazon Prime?

It is a reduced service Indieflix which features all the shorts on Indieflix but for only $2.99 pm, which is a great way to see if the content is for you, and it is also the free trial we are offering at

Indieflix Review

Indieflix is one of the most innovative alternatives to Netflix, with a huge library and global availability it is truly is becoming a serious player in the streaming market.

Indieflix has a completely different fresh approach to how both the film makers and the viewers approach cinema. The concept is based on the idea that independent film-makers with real talent have the opportunity to market their films in a fair way. Unlike Hulu or Netflix you will not see all the blockbuster cinema hits or the endless rolling deluge of box-sets, instead you will find a vast array of independent content. This could be anything from animation to low budget drama or shorts.

I think it is important to say at this stage even though it may lack the box-sets and mass blockbuster hits, it is not meant for this as it is hitting a particular niche of independent cinema, which moistly relies on fantastic story telling and talented actors who have yet to blossom onto commercial cinema or TV.

For film-makers it is the go to service, as it works on a Royalty Pool model for the film maker. So for every minute one of their videos is viewed they are paid anywhere between 1-20p or more depending on the popularity of the video/film. This is allowing indiefix to grow to a library of potentially tens of thousands of videos, if not more. Indiefix will attend almost every film festival such as Sundance to find all these film makers and get them on board, however as it has grown it has now become the go to place to upload your own movies.

Indieflix is a business and needs to offer its users not just its film makers with plenty of great benefits, for this reason it has gone beyond independent content. The service has the best selection of cult and classic horrors we have seen anywhere. Unlike any other film service Indieflix also has an extensive music library filled with tunes from all your favourite movie scenes, so next time you are watching a Movie and wonder where you can get that song just check out your indieflix account.

With indieflix extensive library of genres and search filters it is by far one of the nicest user interfaces for streaming, more than just a movie stream service but a movement, connecting film makers by allowing people to submit their own films and being a big part of film festivals worldwide. You may find yourself browsing and watching endless short films as they can be hugely addictive, it’s a better alternative to watching endless youtube videos and we can only describe it as immensely fun!.

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