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7 Days

Indieflix movie streaming is one of the most innovative alternatives to Netflix, with a huge library and global availability it truly is a serious player in the streaming market. It has a number of benefits over its rivals, firstly it has many award winning films that you have never heard of due to the fact they don't have corporate ran studios powering their advertising, this makes for a great opportunity in discovering hundreds of fantastic films, it is best suited to the quirky film lover and those who have trouble finding films they have never seen.


When you proceed you will come across this screen above where our unique code for this 30 day trial will already be entered, simply submit and continue. You will only be billed if you forget to cancel your free trial before the trial period is over, the cost is $5 per month but can be cancelled anytime. Alternatively you can sign up to a yearly subscription with this code A3_262348, which will also offer a 1 month trial but will ask for an annual payment of $50.

The service has the best selection of cult and classic horrors we have seen anywhere, we recommend checking out this selection as many of these films are so bad they're brilliant, especially when enjoying mind altering practices.

Unlike any other film service indieflix also has an extensive music library filled with tunes from all you favorite scene, so next time you are watching a Movie and wonder where you can get that song just check out your indieflix account.  

With indieflix extensive library of genres and search filters it is by far one of the nicest user interfaces for streaming, more than just a movie stream service but a movement, connecting film makers by allowing people to submit there own films and being a big part of film festivals worldwide. You may find yourself browsing and watching endless short films as well as those better known longer films as they can be so addictive, its a better alternative to watching endless youtube videos and we can only describe it as immensely fun!. 

Indieflix is part of Amazon Channels and can be added to your amazon subscription, for the full list of amazon free trial add-ons see our full Amazon Channels free trial List.