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Now TV Free trial - Get your 7 day pass. Entertainment, Cinema, Hayu and Boost are currently the only passes with a free trial. Other Passes currently offer a 50% off for 2 months.

The Hayu free trial pass is for reality TV, however like the Kids pass most UK reality Tv is already available through Freeview Tv, therefore most of the content is American in origin. Brits love American Tv so there is little issue with this. More Info

The movie pass also known as Sky cinema has a running of hit movies shown through the sky television network, which includes mostly blockbuster hits new and old. Effectively an on-demand cinema service. Also available free for your first 7 days and then £11.99 a month there after. The film selection is one of the most impressive as it is kept up to date and offers many films for as long as 2 years or more, not just on demand for a week or so. More Info

Probably the most popular pass as it gives access to a plethora of hit boxsets, made even more popular by being the number 1 option for UK users to watch Game of Thrones in the. The content does not stop there with classics such as Sopranos, Only fools & Horses, American Dad, South Park, Chernobyl and hundreds more. The free trial lasts for 7 days and the pass then costs £7.99 a month there after. More Info

The Kids pass streams several American kid’s networks with the likes of Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Boomerang. Most UK kids tv networks already have their own Freeview channels so there is little point adding these to the service. Again a 7-day free trial and just £3.99 a month rolling contract. More Info

Sky Sports – No Free Trial, from £5.99/pm

The Sky Sports Network is the go-to sports network for UK fans, having recently beaten BT Sport to a large number of Premier League football games, winning back much of the ground they originally lost. Unfortunately, Sky Sports is not available as a free trial pass and ranges from £5.99 per month for mobile use to £33.99 a month for the full list of channels. Sky sports also offer a one day pass which at £8.99 is useful for one off events.

Can I watch Sky Sports on NOW TV free trial?

No, there is no known legal way to watch Sky Sports on a free trial. Stop searching for this as it does not currently exist, and if it does then will be the first to hear about it!

Now TV Free Trial For Students

There are always discount codes for streaming services, however usually they do not come with a free trial.

Current discounts…

Sky Sports 6 months for £19.99

42% off 3 months of Entertainment & Sky Cinema Pass

NOW TV Free Trial for Existing customers

The great news is if you are already subscribed to NOW TV, on any of the Passes you can still get a 7 day free trial to any of the other passes you have not yet tried!

NOW TV Free Trial expiration date – get multiple free trial for NOW TV

Now this is a tricky one as we cannot find information on it and so please take this with a pinch of salt.

3 years ago, I got myself a free trial to NOW TV then cancelled, all was good. Then the final series of Game Of Thrones was realised. I had to get Now TV to watch in the UK.

I singed up again with the same email and was treated to another free trial. I am not sure if there was an expiration date that allowed me to get another trial or if they had to reset- their SQL databases so I did not register as a pre-existing customer.

A few things to note about this experience

  • Was about 3 years
  • I had a new bank card since
  • I used the same email
  • I had the same address

Like I said I am not sure how this works, but if anyone else has experienced this let me know in the comments below to help us determine the parameters of getting another free trial.

How to get the most of the NOW TV free trial passes for 4 weeks free

If you manage your account correctly you can get all the 4 passes on a free trial back to back, meaning you technically get 4 weeks free!

This obviously means you will only have 7 days of each passes content, however it is better than having all the trials at once as you will be able to get more from each trial.

To do this just go to “My Account” in the top right when logged into a computer, and then go to Passes and Vouchers. Here you will be able to manage what passes you have, so simply cancel one at the end of 7 days and then start another.

NOW TV Free Trial Voucher

If you have a voucher code then hold out for the moment. You are able to use your voucher code after any free trial. So you will get your 7 days free and then whatever voucher code you have.

Now TV Free Trial in Ireland

If you are lucky enough to live in Ireland then the NOW TV free trial for each pass is 14 days rather than 7. This is the republic of Ireland. You can get these free trials here…

Can you get NOW TV Free Trial with no credit card/payment details?

Sorry no you cannot the payment options are…

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express

There are no options for paypal at this time.

What if You get Charged on your NOW TV free trial?

Occasionally the odd complaint will come through that the user has been charged on their free trial. In every case we have seen the reasons are one of the following

  • Was the last day of the free trial (7th day)
  • User already used a free trial in the past
  • User added Sky Sports Pass to their trials and so were charged for this
  • The user had a voucher code which would have voided the free trial

So you have been warned, look carefully when signing up to a free trial.

NOW TV PS4 Free Trial

The free trial on the PS4 works the same as all other apps, you can 7 days and can also login to your account on any other devices with the NOW TV app.

How to cancel your NOW TV free trial

Here's a list of steps for cancelling a NOW TV pass free trial…

  1. Select My Account and then My Passes.
  2. Select Cancel next to the pass you would like to cancel, and follow the onscreen steps.
  3. Once your pass is cancelled you'll see the confirmation message below, and you will get a confirmation email within three hours

You can find more information on how to cancel on the NowTv help pages

NOW TV Free Trial Review

NOW TV is one of the few services that I as an individual have retained after my trial. However, the reason for this may partly be due to lack of options in the UK. We don’t really have this cord-cutting fever in the UK and Now TV is perhaps one of if not the only known internet TV option, and even then it doe not really offer Internet TV, but rather just a selection of Channels and on demand box sets from Sky TV.

Whilst the free trial was very useful during the Game of Thrones seasons, I have not used it much since, despite some great series I am still meaning to finish such as Sopranos and Chernobyl. The reason for this may be due to extreme lack of streaming quality. I have tried several devices and they all come out with blocky pixelated images.

The app on a desktop is also very frustrating as you must be logged in through a browser and then the Channels and content streams n a separate player /app that needs to be downloaded separately?

The Passes are questionable, whilst the Cinema and Entertainment pass are very good the Hayu is a load of rubbish with little more than a bit of reality TV (great if you like reality TV, but I don’t). All the content is very American.

The content is the main selling point, but the quality needs a lot of work and the app is also very annoying.

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