Alternative Netflix services come in a number of shape and sizes, and we must consider a number of things.

  1. firstly where is the service available, Netflix is available in most regions of the world, however it is irrelevant as long as a said service is available in your region.

  2. Does the streaming service have a genre/market. Some of the choices on our list may be targeting a certain type of customer rather than Netflix that tries to give a little of everything.

  3. How much does it cost, a fairly straight forward analysis

  4. How long is your Free Trial

4. Shudder

Shudder TV is a Horror only streaming service. Great for Halloween and movie nights with friends. Its is fantastic if you love horror as it has the best library of horror movies. Available in UK, USA , Canada and Europe.

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3. NowTV

Now TV is essentially SKY TV. It is fantastic for boxsets, however it can be price as you must pay separately for different packages. Packages are Boxsets, Cinema , Sport and Kids. Only Available in UK.

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2. Fandor 

Fandor is fantastic as a niche service. Servicing for those who just want brilliant handpicked movies. It lacks box-sets and easy watching TV but for the cinema fan it is perfect. a little pricey at $10 but cheaper if you add it to your amazon account. Available in USA, UK, Canada and Europe.

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1. Amazon Prime

Probably the only service which can compare the size of its library with Netflix and its vast content. However an Amazon Prime Video subscription offers more than just video but also music, free delivery on 10, of thousands of goods and prime day discounts and all at 7.99 per month with a 30 day free trial.

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