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Pantaya is the go to streaming site for Spanish Language films, series and shows. There are plenty of internationally renowned Spanish media, especially within the animation genre. Available only in the US and Puerto Rico. With 41 million Uspanish spekaing US citizens there really is a huge need for a Spanish speaking streaming service. Netflix can only offer so much Spanish content and translation, unless you have a Spanish Netflix account working on a VPN service.

Does Pantaya have a free trial?

Yes, the 7 day free trial is available directly or as an Amazon Channel.

How to cancel my free trial?

This will depend on the device you have signed up through, We have written our guide on all the various devices on how to cancel various free trials and subscriptions on various platforms. Click here to see how to cancel on all devices

How much does Pantaya cost ?

It will cost $5.99 per month after your 7 day free trial.

How do you pay for Pantaya?

Pantaya can accept the following major cards

  • Mastercard

  • Visa

  • Discover

however if can not accept American Express

You can also pay via Paypal

What’s on Pantaya?

If not clear all material is of Spanish speaking origin. Some examples will be…


  • No manches Frida 2

  • Guadalupe Reyes

  • Cesar Chavez

  • Belzebuth

  • La Mujer De Mi Hermano

  • From Prada To Nada

  • No Manches Frida

  • El Infierno

TV (not a lot)

  • El juego de las llaves

  • Instinto

  • Drunk History México

To see the full list you can brwose the Amazon library on amazon Channels here 

What Devices can I watch Pantaya on?

Firstly you can watch on all major browsers

  • Edge

  • Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Safari

From OS windows 7 or higher and Mac OSX 10.5.7 or higher

You can also watch through the app which is available on

  • Chromecast

  • Apple TV

  • Iphones

  • Ipads (iOS 8.1 or higher

  • Android devices OS 4.1 or higher

You can then also watch as an Amazon channel meaning you will be able to watch through all devices that also supports Amazon Prime Video.

What is the best device for Pantaya?

I will repeat the same answer on all streaming service. Always try to get a 4k device, the most cost effective would be the Amazon Fire 4k devices (however this will only work for Pantaya if you are signed up using the Amazon Channels) followed by Roku 4k devices. Apple 4k devices are too expensive for me to recommend.

Cheaper options may not give you the best picture quality. I recently tried watching Game of Thrones on a Chrome device through NowTV. The picture was pixelated and very dark even when connected to a full 4k 50inch TV.

How does Pantaya work on my TV?

If you have an Android device such as a Roku or perhaps an Apple Tv then as long as the device is connected to your TV you should be fine. There does not currently seem to be an App for smart TV directly so an extra device will be your only option.

Does Pantaya work on multiple TVs?

Pantaya has a generous package allowing 4 users to stream simultaneously. So far only only Disney+ has been able to match this, also with 4 users.

List of similar Free trials

  • Netflix (if you ave the Spanish version with a VPN)

  • Amazon (if you ave the Spanish version with a VPN)

Pantaya Free Trial

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