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Philo free trial provides you with 7 days access to cord cutting cable tv, with add on options for most major TV networks.

What channels are on Philo TV?

Channels include AMC, Comedy Central, A&E, Discovery, nick and many more, please see image at the bottom for the full list.

Does Philo have a free trial?

Yes of course it would not be included on my site if it did not or was not fully verified and safe. There are in fact 2 options a 2 day and 7 day trial option.

Is Philo TV free?

No but you can get a 2 day and 7 day free trial from our link.

Can I watch Philo on my smart TV?

Yes Philo is now available on browsers as well as any TV with Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, web, iOS, and Android Chrome. If you have an older smart TV with a custom interface and store then this is where you may struggle to find an app.

Does Philo TV have local channels?

No, by removing local channels Philo is able to keep their price so much lower than regular cable or satellite.

Does Philo TV have on demand?

You can record and save an unlimited number of shows for up to 30 days, but it will not give you box-sets like you would have with Amazon, HBO or Starz.

How much does Philo Tv cost

With Philo you can pay either $16 per month for 45 channels or $20 per month for 58 channels, you can see the channels at the bottom of this post, however we have seen several different reviews all with a different number of channels, I’m guessing this is because they are slowly adding more channels as the service grows in popularity.

What Devices is Philo Tv available on?

Originally Philo lacked support from Apple TV, Roku and Fire TV as there was not a proper app and was relying on browsers for users to access. This is no longer the case and is available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, web, iOS, and Android Chrome. In addition to this it allows 3 users at any one time, which is more than any on demand streaming service we have reviewed.

Is Philo a good streaming service?

Well it is hard to say as it depends on what selection of channels you are looking for. All our reviewed cord cutting services are as they advertised. Free trials are there to help you to decide if the service is right for you not just a way to get you signup, although that is another main reason. Ultimately you will need to compare the exact selection of channels available on each service. When it comes to price they are all mostly priced according to the selection and quality of networks available (you get what you pay for). If you are looking for basic Tv such as documentaries, comedy and day time Tv then Philo is great, but if your a sports fan then maybe something like Fubo is more for you.

Philo is most popular with fans of the walking dead as it has the AMC network and so is the cheapest way to watch the series or any AMC series.

Why Choose Philo over other cord cutting streaming services?

I would not say Philo is for everyone, however I don't think any service is for everyone, the reason is simply because every service has to try and balance the content they can afford to offer and the price. The only exception would be if you are wealthy and money is no object and you can afford every single channel on the most expensive cord cutting service.

As for Philo it is one of the cheapest streaming option for online Tv, as such it does not offer many premium channels or dedicated sport channels. So choose Philo if you are happy with basic entertainment and wish to save money, or maybe your just not big on watching loads of Tv but wish to have some basic Tv to watch.

Philo Review

Philo TV is an online alternative to satellite or cable TV but much cheaper. It is not a competitor to Amazon or Netflix but is instead a competitor of companies such as Verizon or DISH. For many users it may not be a replacement simply because as with many of these online TV alternatives they do not offer live sports or local TV, however it is because of this that they are able to keep the cost so much lower than the major TV providers.

Philo also offer an interesting free trial option, initially you only have to enter a valid phone number and you will have instant access for a 2 day free trial, to then unlock the remaining 5 days you will need to enter your billing information, cancellation will then have to follow to avoid paying for your first month.

You can record an unlimited number of shows and films (as long as your device memory permits it) however it is a live TV service so you will only have 30 days to watch what you have saved. Philo seems very easy to interact with as expected with any streaming app but it also has very good response times with no lagging and no blurry starts (I often find Netflix flows start blurry and clear after a minute). Another feature many streaming services lack is a thumbnail scene shot when you are scrolling through the time line of a show, this helps the user to identify where they need to watch from if for whatever reason they have lost their place.

Philo was named after Philo Taylor Farnsworth who was an early inventor of essential television technology, to be more precise he invented the first ever image dissector as well as the first television system complete with receiver and camera. We are not sure what all this means either but we understand its important for the development of TV as we know them today?

Our Verdict

I am giving this a 4 stars as whilst it does not offer box sets and therefore lacks binge watching it does for many replace regular TV at a far cheaper price, and I am positive there are many people out there who only watch a handful of channels and shows and do not bother with local TV or sports, so this if for those that pay far to much for stuff they never watch.

To see if Philo is the best option for you get your Philo free trial.

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