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Shudder free trial offers 7 days access to the top horror only streaming service.

Is Shudder TV free?

Yes Shudder Tv is a free channel which you can watch here https://www.shudder.com/shudder-tv . However this is not to be confused with the paid service, which gives you access to the extensive Horror library on offer through their full platform.

How much is Shudder a month?

You can pay either
$4.99 per month
£49.99 per year
But you can get a 7 day free trial by following links on this page.

What is a Shudder subscription?

Your Shudder subscription will give you instant access to 100s of great horror movies. It is similar to other streaming such as Fandor or Mubi which carefully selects its movies to ensure high quality content. You will often see great classics such as The Shinning or Texas Chainsaw Massacre available to stream, it is perfect for Halloween.

Is Shudder commercial free?

Yes, it is a paid streaming service, so like Netflix or Amazon Video you will never be interrupted by an advert when watching On-Demand. However Shudder Tv is a free channel which may contain adverts.

How much is shudder in the UK?

With many streaming services the price of Shudder in UK is always a little more as they simply swap the $ sign with a £ sign, so...
£4.99 per month
£49.99 per year

Shudder TV app

You can access the Shudder app through the following...
Apple - get here
Google Play - get here
Amazon FireTV - get here
Roku - get here
Xbox One - get here

How do I stream shudder?

You can stream shudder with any of the apps listed above, or you can stream straight through your chosen browser. It is also available to stream as an Amazon Channel.

How do I add shudder to Amazon Prime?

Easy, click this link and you will be able to add Shudder to your account within about 30 seconds or less. Add Shudder to Amazon Now…

How do I cancel my Shudder free trial?

This will depend if you have a direct subscription or are with Amazon


To cancel Shudder on Amazon you simply navigate to ‘Your Account’ page and then click on ‘Prime Video Channels’ under ‘Subscriptions’. Here you will be able to add and remove channels.

Direct with Shudder...

Click your username in the top right hand corner of the site, selecting “My Account”, select the “Membership Settings” tab, and clicking the option to “Cancel Subscription.”

Is shudder owned by Amazon?

No, Shudder is from the AMC Network. Amazon has struck deals with dozens of streaming services to host their content through the Amazon Video Network, known as Amazon Channels.

Does Sling TV have shudder?

No, not from what I can search for. It makes sense as Shudder is mostly a VOD service, it does have a channels but this is more a marketing trick than anything.

Why Choose Shudder over alternatives?

If you are looking for a horror streaming service then there is little alternative to Shudder. Netflix has too much rubbish content among its horror collection and then direct competition such as Screambox or Fear Factory just don’t measure up at this time. It easily has the best collection of Horror movies and is reasonably priced. It is easily the best Horror streaming service currently available.

How to watch Shudder on TV

There may not be a direct app available for your smart tv. However your options to watch on your 50 inch flat screen would be either connect any of the devices listed in apps above. Failing this you can try to watch through a browser on your smart TV, such as chrome.

Our Shudder Review

If you’re a fan of the occult the gory the terribly awful but brilliant horror movies throughout the years, then you will quickly become a fan of shudder. With a 7 day free trial and a great collection of horror movies and shows, sub categorised into a great library with a real nice feel to the website then this is one to try out. We must also consider however that this is a relatively new competitor and bugs may still be present, although personally I did not come across any, it will not buckle Netflix but if you are a horror fan or you enjoy having unknown films recommended to you then this is definitely a great way to go.

Shudder allows you to browse their collection before signing up to anything which is always useful, as you don't want to sign-up blind.


Being a specialist in horror tv and movies they have many horror category's, as this screen shots shows there are categories I've never even heard of, but thats what you get when relying on horror specialists to help guide you.


After browsing the site you may agree that their horror collection is by far better than any other streaming service, the service can also currently be used on iOS, Roku and android as well as your standard browser.

Shudder tv is part of Amazon Channels and can be added to your amazon subscription, for the full list of amazon free trial add-ons see our full Amazon Channels free trial List.

The Shudder Channel

One thing Shudder tv offers is its own channel... however the channel is free! It requires no signup and is available for you to visit immediately.

The Channel can be found here at https://www.shudder.com/shudder-tv and you will notice as soon as your there it will start playing. They offer a constant stream of great shows and movies all in the horror/thriller category. This free channel sets it apart from all other streaming services as they expect nothing in return.

To judge for yourself or if this is the horror streaming service for you get your Shudder free trial.

Shudder Movie List

A short list of films to be found on Shudder


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