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Starz  on Amazon Channels gives you all the same content as starz directly but through your amazon account

Starz free trial gives you 7 days access to the Starz premium network on demand streaming service.

Starz Free Trial on Amazon Channels

Starz is also is available on amazon channels with a prime subscription for 7 days. If this is the option you prefer then follow the link below.


How much is Starz a month? 

On Amazon Prime Starz is on $8.99 pm when you already have an Amazon Prime account.

How do I cancel my Starz subscription? 

To cancel Starz free trial on Amazon you simply navigate to ‘Your Account’ page and then click on ‘Prime Video Channels’ under ‘Subscriptions’. Here you will be able to add and remove channels.

Is Starz and Starz Play the same? 

With a STARZ cable or satellite subscription, you can enjoy the included streaming service, STARZ Play, for free. ... Without a subscription, you can stream from the STARZ Play app as a standalone package, for $7.99 per month. With STARZ Play, you can enjoy current or past episodes of STARZ Original Series.

What devices can I watch Starz on?

You can watch Starz on numerous devices, but if you have Starz through Amazon then you can watch on alldevices that has Amazon or even just an internet browser.

Starz Review

Starz is another stand alone video service that has chosen to team up with amazon to help battle the monopoly that Netflix has over the VOD (video on demand) service. My review of their library shows that they do have a good selection of movies, with franchises such as marvel and Disney Pixar options being plentiful.

Although its selection of hit movies is great I do feel it lacked in the series section. With only a few series that interests someone like me, so that would be Spartacus, Blacksails and Outlander. For the most part the selection of TV is for an older generation, as well as very American, but I personally like a variety of world cinema and TV.

I would say Starz has a way to go before catching up to Netflix but has made a good start. However we are missing the point here, it is not made to combat Netflix. With many of these streaming services they are merely used as a platform for channel networks to offer their own TV series outside of live TV and DVD/Blu-ray. Without their own platform they would all be at the mercy of Netflix and Amazon needing to rely on a deal with them to stream their much demanded entertainment. As long as big networks such as Starz, HBO (and all the rest) continue to make great TV then they will always have customers “build it, and they shall come”. One day we may be faced with a situation where Amazon and Netflix produce all our shows, as we are slowly seeing more shows being picked up by Amazon and Netflix owned Studios.

I also think a 7 day trial is a bit stingy of them and should go with a full 30 day free trial as it has worked for Netflix and Amazon. Although I mentioned it had a good selection of Disney and other kids/family films it does seem more geared towards older generations. All I can say is for 7 days just try it yourself as it is an easy add-on for amazon prime and again easy to cancel through your amazon account settings.

Starz can also be found on Amazon Channels and can be added to your amazon subscription, for the full list of amazon free trial add-ons see our full Amazon Channels free trial List.

To try Starz for yourself get your Starz free trial.

Starz Special Offer

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