Starz Channel on Internet or Cable TV

If you have Starz included as a preium add-on with your cable TV or Internet TV provider then you can find the Various Starz Channels at the following.

  • 350 Starz 
  • 351 Starz 
  • 352 Starz Edge 
  • 353 Starz Cinema 
  • 354 Starz Comedy 
  • 355 Starz In Black 
  • 356 Starz Kids & Family 

Starz Channel on Amazon Channels

If you have an Amazon Prime account you can get the Starz Channels and the full on demand service through your Prime account. Fpr more information om this free trial go to our Starz Free trial page.

Our free trial page will also take you through all the options for watching Starz on the various Internet TV providers which include

  • Amazon Channels
  • Directly on the Starz Website/App
  • Sling TV
  • AT&T TV Now
  • Hulu

What are the Starz Channels

A quick run through what the Starz Channels are...


The primary channel where you will find the best content. This is where they will premiere all their latest movies before realsing to any of the other channels. On weekends they may also release new episodes of various series.

Starz Cinema

This channel does not necessarily have all the blockbuster new releases but instead has a constant stream award winning and indpendent movies to enjoy.

Starz Comdey

Starz Comedy keeps up to date with as many light hearted, easy to watch comedies for you to enjoy from Rom-Com to Slapstick and more.

Starz Edge

Starz edge is a bit different to most other channels as its one of the few channels that targets a very specific age range of young adults from 18 -34 years. So think of rude and offensive comedies to raunchy for teens but to immature for mature adults.

Starz Black

Starz Black is one of a number of services that in recent years has been focusing on a Black (Pan-african) audience. If this is the sort of service for you then you may also like the Brown Sugar Free Trial which is focused on Black Cinema and TV.

Starz Kids & Family

Does what it says on the Tin, Family films for all to enjoy. It use to be 2 sepearte Channels one for Kids and one for Family, however any parent knows that if its a family friendly film its pretty much just a kids film anyway. It will also include series and is worth noting that the channel is commercial free.

Beyond the Starz Channels

Starz has more than just their premium channels. you can also get a number of other services which you may r may not be able to access whith your standard Cable subscription.

  • Starz HD, some channels come in HD
  • Starz App and On-Demand Service, this service allows you to watch all the Starz series and films anytime through the app and is vailable as a free trial deirectly  and on a number of other platforms  (click the Starz Free Trial to discover these options)
  • StarzPlay - a service which is availbale outside the US

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