How to Watch Spartacus on Starz for Up-to 5 Weeks Free

Starz is a premium network which is available on multiple Internet TV services (cord-cutting). Most of these services offer 7 day free trial and can also include a Starz Free Trial if added to your package. Then you can get a free trials from and you can get a free trial on Amazon Channels.

The services that will give you the Starz Free trial are...

  1. Directly on Starz App/
  2. Amazon Channels 
  3. Sling TV
  4. Hulu Live TV
  5. AT&T TV Now

What Spartacus series are on Starz

You will find all 4 series of Spartacus on Starz 

Spartacus Series 1

The first season tells the story of Spartacus in a gladiator school as a Slave. This part is pretty much all made up as all that was known is that Spartacus came from the House of Batiatus as a slave. It Assumes he was a  Mercenary soldier for the Roman Empire. 

Spartacus Series 2 (Blood & SAND)

Series 2 does not continue from Series 1 and is instead a completely new story that does not include Spartacus at all. After season 1 Andy Whitfield (Actor who played Spartacus) was fighting cancer so the Series was paused whilst he went through treament. Instead they made Blood & Sand which does not include Spartacus as a character. 

This tells the Story of the House of Batiatus and its Gladiator School before Spartacus. It introduces a number of characters as well as telling the story of characters we have already seen in series 1.

Sadly Andy Whitfield died of Cancer and was replaced as Spartacus by Liam McIntyre.

Spartacus Series 3 & 4

Series 3 Continues from Series 1 where Spartacus and the Slaves from Batiatus had just escaped Slavery. It then follows them as the rebellion starts to grow and they defeat various Roman Legions. The accuracy of this is only based loosely on the size of the known rebellion and the rough areas of Italy/Rome that were effected by the most famous Slavery uprising of all time. 

You can watch Spartacus on Starz through multiple platforms, all which have a free trial, allowing you to get up-to 5 weeks free.

What is Starz Spartacus Blood and Sand

As I briefly described above the Blood & Sand Series of Spartacus was the additional series that stepped into the production  of the series when Andy Whitfield (Spartacus) was ill with Cancer. It allowed them to continue production with a new series instead of cancelling the series for a year or more.

The series tells the story of The House of Batiatus before the time of Spartacus. We see the back story of the following characters...

  • Crixus
  • Oenomaus
  • Mr & Mrs Batiatus
  • Gannicus

Although it is all completely fictional it is every bit as enjoyable as Spartacus. I highly  recommend you do not skip this season, though it is not essential to the Story line it does build deeper characters and is a great watch. 

Will You Enjoy Spartacus

Personally I loved it and is one of my favourite series ever along with Breaking bad and Game of Thrones. Its overall rating is obviously not as high as though seasons, however I think this is due to the fact that it is so gory.

If you do not like Gore then this is definitely not for you. I imagine this is why a lot of people do not like it. I think a chunk of the audience also do not like the fact that the historical accuracy is probably not correct and mostly made up in terms of dialogue and the characters themselves. However, how do you tell the story of Spartacus without making up pretty much the whole thing as the historical records are not definitive. 

Is Starz Spartacus Historically Accurate

No & Yes, all stories of Spartacus have to embellish a little. It is widely accepted that  he was a Thracian Gladiator. 

What is Accurate

  1. Widely accepted to be a Thracian
  2. Widely accepted he was a Gladiator
  3. Trained with other escaped Gladiators on mount Vesuvius
  4. Defeated a number of Roman soldiers that were sent after them
  5. Other slaves joined and their numbers grew 
  6. The Slave Army could have been up-to 120,000 strong
  7. Marched towards Rome
  8. Crixus did break off from main army and marched towards Rome whilst attacking farms and towns on the way
  9. There was a House of Batiatus

What is not so accurate/made up

  1. Spartacus was the lead, it is only believed he led the revolt
  2. Spartacus died, no one knows what happened to Spartacus, he may have survied as many slaves would have disspaeared into freedom.
  3. Lots of Characters are made up with names possibly taken from various accounts and records
  4. Batiatus died, if you seen the movie then you will know Batiatus survied in this version
  5. They were all amazing un-defeatable fighters, but it made for a good show
  6. Why did they rebel in house Batiatus is not known

Mostly the accounts of where the rebellion happened and what Roman Legions and Armies that were defeated is accurate. But no one could possibly know any character information with the exception of a few key names such as Spartacus.

Why Did Starz Change Spartacus Actor

Sadly Andy Whitfield Died of Cancer between Series 1 & 2, there is a documentary telling all of this called Be Here Now, which is a hugely sad story as he also had a young family.  

Spartacus Starz Filming Location

Spartacus was filmed in a studio in Auckland New Zealand.

Spartacus Starz Awards

Awards that the Spartacus Series won...

  • Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA - Best Supporting Actress on Television
    Lucy Lawless
  • IGN Summer Movie Awards 2013 - Best TV Action Series & Best TV Hero Liam McIntyre

  • IGN Summer Movie Awards 2012 - Best TV Action Series

Starz TV Series Like Spartacus

So my suggestion if you enjoyed Spartacus that are similar include partially Historical, Action, Great Action and not too old...

  • Rome
  • Pompei
  • Vikings

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