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TNT is available on the link above through a Sling TV Free Trial. 

TNT is a drama entertainment channels mostly on offer through cable TV. However, you can watch TNT on a cord-cutting services free trial.

Get 4 Weeks Free Trial to TNT

We have currently found 4 services with free trials that also have the TNT channel...

  • Sling TV (1 week free)

  • AT&T TV Now (1 week free)

  • Hulu Live TV (1 week free)

  • Fubo TV (1 week free)

TNT Drama  Free Trial

TNT Drama is the on demand app that allows users to catch up and watch TNT series. However, you must sign in through your cable TV provider, and will only work if you already have the TNT channel.

There is no free trial to this as it is only for users who already have access to TNT.

TNT Free Trial on Sling TV

Sling TV is the original cord-cutting service. The TNT channels is available on both Slings Blue and Orange packages and does not require any add-ons to access, so just go for the cheapest package to watch TNT.

Along with TNT Sling also offers 30-50 channels depednign on which package you chooses along with dozens of premium networks add-ons all of which can be added to the 7 day free trial.

For more Information on Sling see our Sling TV Free Trial.


TNT Free Trial on AT&T TV Now

AT&T TV is one of the US giants for cable and internet TV. The online service (cord-cutting) is known as AT&T TV Now (Formerly DirecTV Now).

You can get the TNT channel on all packages, however the cheapest 2 packages (Plus & max) are the only packages with a 7 day free trial.

To learn mopre ab out the AT&T TV service see our AT&T TV NOW Free Trial.


TNT on Hulu Live TV

Hulu’s live TV streaming option offers an impressive selection of channels including the TNT channels.

Hulu also has options for a lot of add-on premium networks and has a 30 day free trial to its cheaper VOD service, however this is a very different service.

To learn more about the different Hulu products see our Hulu Tree Trial.

TNT on Fubo TV Free Trial

Finally I come to TNT on Fubo TV. Fubo TV is a sport focused cord-cutting service but also includes plenty of entertainment channels including TNT.

Again this is another 7 day trial

For more information on FUBO see our Fubo TV Free Trial


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