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AudioBooks Now works very differently from Audible or audiobooks.com. it does not offer credit or tokens. Instead the subscription provides you with discounts on audiobooks. So if you pay the $4.99 per month you will then get 50% off your first audiobook then 35-40% off any following purchases. This is very different as you never actually get given a book but still must pay for subscriptions, although the monthly fee is a lot lower.

How much does AudioBooks Now cost?

The price is a flat rate of $4.99 per month.

How do I download AudioBooks Now?

The app is available on Google Play, Apple App Store and Kindle Fire. The app will allow you to either download or stream from its library

How To cancel AudioBooks Now account?

  • Go to your “Account” top right on a browser
  • Click “Deactivate Monthly Club Pricing” button

What does an AudioBooks Now subscription get you?

The subscription does not give you books, instead it gives you discount on audiobooks.

What Content is on AudioBooks Now?

To be honest I am going have to give my personal opinion. When trying to run through the prices I started trying some popular books. After searching Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings I found none of these pretty standard must have books.

It will advertise authors such as Stephen King but only has five titles, and not the big ones such as The Shining.

The size of the library is advertised at 120,000 but we can see from the search that they have around 66,000 books listed at time of writing this. Maybe some books are hidden?

Can you only listen to one book a month on AudioBooks Now?

No, as many as you like, no limit.

How many books can you return on AudioBooks Now?

None, that is the official answer. However, if you are having any issues and call them up they are open to refunding you at their discretion

Can you keep AudioBooks Now books after free trial?

Yes, you still purchased the books in your free trial.

Do I lose my books if I cancel AudioBooks Now?

No, you will still have them in your library in your account, but you just won’t be eligible to discounts on any future purchases. Also Download them and keep them in a safe place if you never wish to lose them.

Do you own the audio books forever?

Yes, they are yours. Forever is a difficult word as the world could melt or computers may fry everywhere making you lose your data.

Can I share my audio book with a friend?

Seeing as you can download them, yes you can always send the file to friends I suppose. The option does not appear to be available on the app.

Can I listen to AudioBooks Now without a subscription?

Yes, all this will mean is you are paying full price for all the books you wish to listen to

AudioBooks Now vs Audible price comparison

To me initially it seems like a bad idea as you still must buy each book, so I decided to do some maths to see how much I pay for certain books each month

Two books


Monthly price - $14.95

1st book – credit - The rooster bar

2nd book – hillbilly Elegy $9.73

Total - $24.68

Audiobooks Now

Monthly price - $4.99

1st book – The rooster bar $12.50

2nd book – hillbilly Elegy $10.99

Total - $28.88

Three books


Monthly price - $14.95

1st book – credit - The rooster bar

2nd book – hillbilly Elegy $9.73

3rd book - $16.51

Total $41.19

Audiobooks Now

Monthly price - $4.99

1st book – The rooster bar $12.50

2nd book – hillbilly Elegy $10.99

3rd book – milk and honey $4.99

Total $33.47

So the conclusion seems to be 1-2 books a month will make Audible cheaper here but once you have 3 or more the chances are AudioBooks Now is cheaper.

It all obviously depends on what books you have, the listing price on each platform and if you actually listen to that many books.

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