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Hi, here at I have been searching and writing about all the best free trials on the internet, and thought I would take time to recap on what I have found, what is available, what to be aware of and anything else I think it is important to know when signing up for free trials with your payment details.

100+ Must try free trials in movie Streaming, music, games, software, Education, books, audiobooks and much more...

Types of Free Trials

Firstly, what type of services offer a free trial. Now a days most services offer some sort of free trial. This could be product or subscription products. However, many products are moving to low cost trials rather than free products. The marketing theory and psychology behind free trials demands a payment option, so either having someone sign-up where card details are needed, or, buy a cheap product.

On occasion we have had free trials that require no payment details to receive. We quickly find that these trials do not last very long due to low customer retention.

How to automatically cancel every free trial you ever get and never pay for something you don't want!

Most free trials will want payment information from you. Many of us forget to cancel our free trial before the first payment is due and therefore we end up paying for something that we have decided we don't really want.

This can be solved with a virtual debit/credit cards. These are built for your online security. with them you can set limits to how much is spent on different sites and you can have a different card for every online a shop or service you use. This provides ultimate security in case your payment details are ever stolen, you just simply remove the virtual card that is compromised with  very limited damage done.

Get Privacy Card Here...

Movie & TV Free Trials

Sports TV Free Trials

Documentary Free Trials

Network TV Free Trials

Horror Movie Free Trials

Cord-cutting Free Trials

Fitness TV Free Trials

Music Free Trials

Gaming Free Trials

Education Free Trials

Book & Reading Free Trials

VPN Free Trials

VPNs are popular for expanding peoples Netflix library as well as being able to free ly surf the INternet as if you are in any country with an availale server. Most VPNs offer a money back trial rather than giving you the first month or so for free.

For more information you can read our full guide on VPN Free Trials >>

Software Free Trials

Premium and industry standard software will mostly offer 30 day trial for users. However, these companies can struggle with those users who know how to hack these programmes and overcome the free trial to make it last forever.

Design Software

The Adobe products are the standard design industry software

Other Free Trials

Other free trials include services allowing you to build your family tree or even free professional credit scoring for a month.


Free Trials I wouldn't worry about trying...

  1. Playster – I have written a review which you can see in full details, it just offers very little content (but safe)
  2. NBA TV – only because you are better off going for NBA League Pass (but safe)
  3. NFL Network – only because you are better off going for the NFL Game Pass (but safe)
  4. Acorn Tv - Poor content compared to its main rival Britbox (but safe)
  5. Video Stripe – lots of bad reviews and unhappy customers

Cancelling free trials

To constitute a free trial the user must be able to cancel the service before the service is up without any charge. However, you must be aware of the wording, some may say 30 days free without the word trial. Or they do not advertise any kind of free trial but instead do not bill you for 30 days. We have seen both these scenarios.

Some might say 1 month free but its the 2nd month you get free or they just take the cost of 1 month across a yearly subscription bill.

The thing to remember is whatever the scenario you can cancel any service even if you must go straight to your bank. Find more on cancelling free trials here.

Should I avoid free trials?

I have built a small living off free trials, so I am going to say no as a biased answer. However, why would you avoid them? Sure it is easy to forget to cancel and before you know it you have a dozen monthly payments coming from your bank account!

If you are organised and strict then this does not have to be the case. We have at time of writing this 39 free trials for streaming movies and tv alone. That's a lot of free TV to enjoy. In fact you may not have to pay for TV or movies for a whole year if you just signed up and remembered to cancel.

There are trials that we avoid and recommend you avoid to. For example, Video Stripe is a streaming service that makes no sense to us and charge radically and has quite bad content. In addition to that there appears to be many duplicate proxy sites to Video Stripe. This to us is a clear indication this is a group of people trying to make a quick buck off foolish punters. Always working on the edge of the law.

I have done my best to make finding good free trials easy. This website is full of legit trials only. Although some are better than others they all work.

Should I read the small print?

If it's on this website, then I have done this for you. Legitimate services will typically do what they say on the tin. Various advertising authorities will often punish services that try to be sneaky so do not worry too much about small print. Plus, who has the time to read this anyway?

Are Free Trials really free?

Well yes? They rely on you not cancelling and rolling into the billing period to get paid. Just cancel them and your sorted. Technically if its a money nack guarantee then no, but again I have stated this on such trials offered,


Can I get a free trial more than once?

It is possible yes. Every service will have a different criteria which would normally entail checking its database for any duplicate emails, paying method or address. Some services may allow another free trial after a certain amount of time.

Another way of getting multiple free trials is signing up to the same service but on different platforms. For example, HBO is available…

  1. Directly at the HBO website
  2. Through Amazon Channels
  3. Through AT&TTV
  4. On Sling TV

And HBO is not the only one. I would recommend going through Amazon Channels seeing what services you can get a 7 day trial through Amazon and then once you're done with that you can go directly  to the services own website and start all over again!

List if Amazon channels this will work on…

What if a free trial is not available In your location/country?

Generally speaking, this means it has no rights to operate where you are, however, there are ways round this. You will be met with two main obstacles, the geolocation of your internet connection and the payment details needed.

  1. Geolocation – You can easily overcome this with a VPN service which puts your internet location through a different location, so it appears you are somewhere else. The great news is there are loads of free trials for VPN services which can help you with this, check out ExpressVPN.
  2. Payment details – So if you have overcome your location issue next you will be met with the payment details you have to enter for free trials. The most obvious solution (if you are lucky enough) is to see if a close friend or relative has a bank account you can use in the given country needed. If not, then some services (mostly streaming services) offer Gift cards. That's right services such as HBO offer gift cards you can use o pay for your subscription. This may not work on all services but have look round and see what you can find.

Can I extend a free trial?

Not really, I have not seen this option and I have made it a job, if you have any knowledge of how to do this please make a comment below.

Why do companies offer free trials?

They will give you the usual marketing BS about seeing how great the service is and that you will never want to quit and that's why they are so confident. But in truth it is ways to get your payment details and get you on their billing scheme. Don't be beaten and just cancel your free trial before time is up?

Why are you having to call a number to cancel your free trial?

They are trying to make it difficult for you so you do not cancel. Yes this tactic really works! Either be persistent or don't sign-up in the first place. On I have done my best to instruct you how to cancel each free trial. If it only says ring them up then just avoid if you don't want the hassle, there are plenty of other free trials to enjoy.

Free trial location availability

One thing that is obvious is that the only time you will need to check the availability of a free trial is if it is Movie or tv streaming. Rule of Thumb most other services ar avalable globally. Or at least in the English speaking world.

Death of the Netflix free trial?

This is so big I have to mention it! As of December 2019 Netflix has cancelled its free trial for UK users. It has obviously become the only streaming service so big and confident it feels as if it does not need to offer this anymore!

This is probably in a testing phase and if they conclude it successful then expect the same worldwide!

What I have learnt from free trials

Not all services are made equal. Even if 2 services are of the same price and the advertisements promise much, sometimes smaller services lack what the large companies can offer. If it is an established service then chances are you will get more for your money.

This is not always true though. Some of the best free trials are those that focus on a niche within an industry. For example Shudder is a Horror Niche for Movie streaming and as it concentrates on one service it offers more within that niche than say Netflix.

I'd say as a rule of thumb if a service you have not heard of is offering as much as one of the major players at a lower cost then it is probably lacking some serious amount of content. For example we found Playster is offering a lot of services in its free trial, however it does not have a great selection of movies, books or games.

11 Comments on “Free Trials”

  1. Hulu has also stopped doing free trials. They want you to have a reliable credit card on file. If you use a credit card that you used for another free trial under a totally different email..they make you pay under the email you used.☹️

  2. Thanks for letting me know, I will update this.

    all the best

  3. If you sign up at (this requires a direct connection to your bank’s checking account), you can make virtual credit cards (like up to 5 per day) that are attached to 1 merchant. You can set a limit of $1 on it and use it for any free trial and the charge will always decline when the trial ends, then you simply close the card and set up another one using a different email (hotmail/outlook accounts are very easy to set up).

    The information you give when using the burner credit card (such as name, address, zip code) can be anything you want, does not have to match your bank’s information.

    Using this method I have every free trial worth having and i never pay for anything. The only downside is not having a history of your favorites or watch times or listen times and such. But it does work for every free trial listed above, including Hulu.

    A couple other good free trials I didn’t see mentioned here: Google Stadia (1 month), YouTube TV (1 week, sometimes there are promotions for 2 weeks)

  4. I signed up for a free trial and option to get a years subscription for $99. I have yet been able to hear or see anything that I was promised….mainly the GLEN BECK SHOW AND THE REST OF THAT GROUP AND INCLUDING JON MILLER.
    What do I do from here…please advise!!!

  5. Hi Bonnie

    best thing to do is cancel before your free trial ends, this is why its worth using a free trial before paying. Content is changing on most platforms all the time

  6. Hi there, if you use an app on the playstore for android called TempMail you can “extend free trials infinitly. Just use the email provided with a paysafe card with limit $1 / £1 etc. You can have unlimited free trial access. When the trial ends, simply press the button for a new email and you have unlimited trial versions :))

  7. How do i get free trials on my roku tv,can figure it out? I have hulu, and want USA free trial ,how do i do that ?

  8. If the free trial is currently available you will need to go to the Hulu website on you laptop or tablet or any browser, then get trial there. Then you can login on your roku

  9. Hope it’s going to you this site looks like it is for movie and Tv

  10. Indeed, thats what most of the users are looking for so write content for movie and tv lovers, starting to see some traction for VPN and audiobooks trials

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