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Boomerang Rentals offer rental video games for the UK market. You can rent video games for Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo consoles as well as having the opportunity to buy the games. The free trial being offered is a 21 day period where you have the opportunity to rent up to 3 games for free. After your free trial there are a number of packages to choose from depending on how many games you wish to rent. The cheapest of which is £3.99 per month to rent 1 video game for a month.


One Video Game per month from



Two Video Games per month from



Four Video Games per month from


Boomerang Free Trial
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You will have access to all the latest games from kids games to all the adult first person shooter biggest names. It is also worth noting that delivery is FREE so no extra hidden costs to your subscription. You can also cancel anytime, no fixed contracts to get trapped in. All deliveries are sent via 1st class and in addition to this there are no late return charges.

When you receive a game you will be provided with a free return envelope, and from this point you can keep the game as long as you like, however to receive a new game you must return your current game. The package you have will determine how many games you can have at once and/or how many you can rent in a given month.

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