7 Days

How long does it take to get GameFly games in the mail?

The advertised time is 2 days.

How much does GameFly cost a month?

One game at a time: $9.50/month for 3 months, and $15.95/month afterwards.

Two games out at a time: $13.50/month for 3 months, and $22.95/month afterwards

What games are available on GameFly?

Most hit games and classics on all major consoles, try your free trial to see for yourself.

Does GameFly have streaming?

Yes but is limited.

How do I return a game on GameFly?

when you receive the game you will also get a prepaid return envelope, it is as simple as putting it in the envelope and posting.

How do I cancel my free trial on GameFly?

To cancel your GameFly membership at any time, go to your Account and select Cancel My Membership, located at the bottom-right of the page.

Can you buy games on GameFly?

Yes you can buy new and used games on Gamefly.

Gamefly Review

Gamefly has been around for a while and in that time has grown exponentially. As its name suggests it specialises in games, however unlike most other games services we have reviewed they offer mailed delivered games for all major consoles with all the latest hit games on Playstaion, Xbox and Nintendo consoles old and new. In addition to its game library it also has a great selection of movies .

The movie rental is done solely as DVD and Blu-ray rentals, so it is probably one of the only services that still rents physical copies of movies. Whilst the drawbacks are obvious with the fact you have to wait for the movie to arrive and then send back until you can watch another one there is one major benefit. With no on-demand service they are not tied to any license agreements with film studios or production companies, meaning they can offer any DVD or Blu-ray as long as they can get hold of it and include within their library.

It concerns me that in a digital age this company is still relying solely on offering physical media where almost every other company has given up, but maybe there is a market just about big enough to keep at least one major supplier alive and kicking.

As it offers both games and movies I can compare it to the likes of Amazon, Netflix and all other VOD services in addition to Game Access and Boomerang. Initially my view is that it is probably the best value entertainment service available. The reason I say this is even though it is either $15.95 or $22.95 per month depending on your package making it 2 to 3 times more expensive than any other game or film service, when broken down this is very reasonable. Games now cost around $60 a piece and in reality many games I only play for a couple of weeks until I have completed them, so I suppose for a game at $10 a month which i’ll probably complete in 1-2 months costing me between $10-$20 to get the most out of it. This is obviously no good for multiplayer favourites or Fifa which can keep me entertained for years but is perfect for those 1 player mission games, or if I am just wanting to test a game before buying outright.

As Gamefly has grown it is clearly raking up a lot of bad reviews. I suspect there are a few reasons for this. Early reviews of this service were outstanding 5 stars every time with its small customer base sending them much love, however it seems to be as they have grown 1 star reviews have ruined their reputation. As Gamefly has grown its users, they have clearly not been able to grow their support, which is of no surprise as every company struggles. It does not help that with mass reviews and limited staff they probably struggle to to reply to customer concerns as efficiently as they use to or should.

Having said all this I am still happy that they offer a great product at a great price offering a much needed service against the grain of all other entertainment media companies, and I hope they are around for a long time and can get their s*** together. My guess is all the bad reviews is the small 1% as you are much more likely to write a bad review if you have been wronged than take the effort to write a good one when you receive a service you have paid for.


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