Video Game Rentals are becoming increasing popular, and with this Games Access Free Trial you will have 10 days of renting any game you wish across a number of mediums including Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo and hand held game consoles.

Game Access is a Canadian only service so if you are not in Canada then please check out some other free trials on our site as you will have no luck here.

With A library of over 4000 different titles there is plenty to choose from, there is also retro games and consoles for you to indulge in. The way this service works is in your account you will create a queue of games you wish to play and then you will be sent the next game in your queue when you have finished with your current game. There are no limits to how long you can have a game, but just remember you are paying a monthly subscription if you go beyond the 10 day free trial. You can even keep a game if you wish.

As with all postal rental services all shipping and returns is free as it is included in your subscription. Depending on which package you have you may be allowed one or several games at any one time.

The Game Access Free Trial is well worth a go for any Canadian Gamers as they claim to have Canada's largest video game library.

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