Great Horror Movies with Jamie Spicer

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circus of horrors

In my latest interview I was lucky enough to have Jamie Spicer who runs the popular Facebook group The Little Circus of Horrors. This is an active group of Horror enthusiasts with over 180,000 members.

Intro to Jamie

Jamie is a fan of all things 80’s which includes all the iconic generation defining horror movies and characters. Jamie likes to branch out best he can but often find himself coming back to his love of horror with his top 3 horror movies being…

  1. Evil Dead 2 – Available on Amazon Prime Free Trial or an Indieflix Free Trial
  2. Fright Night
  3. Vamp – can be watched free on Tubi but with adverts

He is also a big fan of TV with series such as

  1. The Walking Dead – found on Netflix
  2. American Horror Story – found on Netflix
  3. American Gothic
  4. Twin Peaks– UK users can watch on a Now TV Entertainment Pass Free Trial.

1. Which Medium or service do you use to watch Horror Movies

My father was and is obsessed with horror. The moment I was brought home from being born at the hospital, he sat with me in his arms and put on horror movies ha ha, I’ve been hooked ever since.

2. Which Medium or service do you use to watch Horror Movies.

I only have Netflix at the moment, as they can get expensive. I’m addicted to collecting on disk which is somewhere in the region of 15,000+ . I tend to buy 1 or 2 new discs a week and tend to pick up anywhere from 3 to 6 old used discs for cheap. I was the same with VHS too, movies and storytelling in any form are my obsession.

3. Can you suggest some Hidden Gem movies everyone must watch (movies people may not have heard of).

I love love love these ones …..

  1. May – Available on a Shudder Free Trial
  2. Ravenous (1999)
  3. Hardware
  4. Perfume – Story of a Murderer – Available on a Prime Free trial
  5. Brotherhood of The Wolf
  6. Curdled
  7. The Tunnel (2011) – Available on UK Amazon Prime Free Trial
  8. Nightwatch (1997)

4. What form of horror movie technique do you prefer (i.e. jump scare / psychological)

I always prefer substance over style. I like decent characters that you are allowed to get to know and have connections to and a build up to events. This way when it all happens you are invested, you care about the characters so much that you get to feel the fear that they feel on some level.

I love to be sucked in and absorbed.

Gore is great, but not a very important factor to me in most things that I watch (different story if you are watching a silly horror that’s made for splatter), sometimes gore is just there to give you some silly laughs.

5. Who are you favourite Directors/Writers/ Actors

My favourite actors and actresses at the moment would be along the lines of..

  1. Robert Pattinson (very up and coming and shown a lot of promise, minus the whole twilight thing ha ha)
  2. Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal)
  3. Emily Blunt
  4. Jamie Lee Curtis

Favourite directors (new)

  1. Ari Aster is showing some great flair
  2. I’m quite the Rob Zombie fan (but do wish he would try something a bit different)
  3. I love Robert Eggers stuff (the witch and the lighthouse)

Old school director, the usual really…

  1. Carpenter
  2. Craven
  3. Barker
  4. Hooper
  5. And I love Fred Deckers work

7. What are your Favourite Sub Genres of Horror

I love horror period pieces, and ones with a bit of a folk or fairy-tale. I adore a decent creature feature and I do think that horror really really needs a new stand out boogeymen (I don’t think any of the current new gen slashers really hit the spot).

8. Who are your favourite Villains and Monsters

Growing up Leatherface was probably my favourite, but the main reason for this is because I grew up in the UK and back then the whole TCM franchise was banned here, so that was more out of curiosity I think. However, my all time favourite is Jason Voorhees, he has sick kills, takes no crap, and his body language is matched only by Myers.

9. Give us your best and worst Horror Movie endings.

I thought the ending of that last Halloween movie was great (a little sudden, but it left you wanting more), and I love the endings to Mandy and Midsummer too.

I never really liked the ending of interview with the vampire (the bit on the bridge), it may be in the book but that ending always seemed to feel like a cheap tacked on ending to an otherwise an almost flawless movie.

This concludes my Interview with Jamie, I would like to thank him for his in-depth and well thought out answers. You can find Jamie and many like minded horror fans here on Facebook – The Little Circus of Horrors.

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