Horror Movies – According to Tom Norman

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Today we are speaking to horror enthusiast Tom Norman Managing Director of grimoireofhorror.com who also runs a number of Facebook pages, to pick his brain a little about the horror movie genre.

Facebook pages include…

The Banshee – https://www.facebook.com/TheBansheeHorror/ – This is a group that focuses on Western Horrors.

The Yurei – https://www.facebook.com/theyurei/ – This group is for fans of Asian Horror.


Firstly I would like to thank Tom for speaking with me and would like to give a shout out to his site grimoireofhorror.com a passionate blog of writers that bring us content related to both Asian and Western Horror myth, folk-lore, scary stories and Book & Movie Reviews related to these genres.

This is an Answer Question based Interview I conducted with Tom.

1. Which Medium or service do you use to watch Horror Movies

For horror films, it depends on my needs. Amazon Prime and Netflix have sprawling catalogues and are adapting more Asian horror . I know Shudder, which is a specialist service for horror media, is making amazing strides in the USA with more niche choices for horror fans. In the USA specifically, too, I know Tubi also offers various free horror classics from both Asia and even domestically. A surprise one in the UK for some old Japanese classics is the new streaming player with BFI (British Film Institute) who have long brought attention to more esoteric selections.

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2. What is your favourite horror sub genre

Slashers would be my favourite as a staple of the 80’s, many were made as grindhouse productions and these are still made to this day with endless sequels. The tropes are predictable but make for an enjoyable setup, I also enjoy the ingenuity to special effects in kills or even the slasher villain serving as the brutal antagonist. As for where horror is made, mine would easily be Asia as more regional horror with a cultural aesthetic different to our own – they have a massive emphasis on folk horror that I enjoy as an element.

3. Can you recommend us a list of the best horror movies that everyone must watch

My favourite slasher franchise would have to be Friday the 13th that’s a more mainstream choice as with the Nightmare on Elm Street series or even Halloween. Jason Voorhees is iconic now and he has an overpowering presence on the screen that is a pleasure to see in every instalment as we follow his savagery. Folk horror is also amazing fun for the depth from local traditions, the original Wicker Man is a favourite of mine that has since inspired some modern classics such as Midsommar of the elevated horror subgenre. With Asian cinema, Kairo, known as Pulse in the West, is my absolute favourite for the insightful commentary on technology causing a disconnect, as Covid currently does, while flawless on atmosphere. Horror comedy with the likes of Evil Dead 2, though, will always have a charm for me – they are tributes to horror in the most playful way.

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4. What form of horror movie technique do you prefer (i.e. jump scare / psychological)

My preferred horror is easily that of atmosphere to be the more psychological end, I think it takes a brilliant filmmaker to design all the elements well, as Kubrick did in The Shining, to have the audience feel the horror underlying scene to scene and not contrived moments of shock.

5. Who is Your Favourite Horror Director

My favourite horror film director and producer would have to be John Carpenter for how prolific he has been to contribute to horror as a field. He did the incredibly The Thing as a classic horror, originally lamented critically, and begun the now extensive Halloween series of the slasher subgenre. His name has become synonymous with horror productions and is added to many credits to enhance the image of such films – he is a legend in horror cinema as with George Romero for establishing a formula to zombie horror.

6. What is your Favourite Horror Movie Production Studio

My favourite studio would be Blumhouse Productions for how much they have done to modern horror, developing well known franchises such as Insidious, Paranormal Activity and The Purge. They are a powerhouse of trending horror.

This concludes our interview with Tom, if you are a fan of Western or Asian horror in any form then be sure to check out their website and Facebook groups.