Where to Watch How To Train Your Dragon 2

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Watch how to train your dragon online

How to train your Dragon is available through your NowTV 30 day free movie pass.

This is another instant animation hit from DreamWorks studios and the kid in me loves it! Rarely does a sequel live up to predecessor but this even exceeds the first movie. Its easy to watch, family friendly and has all that great hidden adult humour which the kids don’t even see , but ‘we’ as adults who have to sit through these family movies, appreciate greatly.

Like many family animation movies it relies heavily on great comical characters to make the film what it is, but this is not to say other elements of the filom are not great, the animation has a great deal of visual appeal and the story line is exciting.

Although the first one isn’t as masterful as this second one it is still a great film and you should watch that one before moving onto this one as it is a great duet of films soon to be a great trilogy with the 3rd instalment in the making.

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