How users are taking advantage of this trick to watch all the Premier League Football games for less than £27 a year!

The following is not a recommendation but meant as an educational example of how VPN networks allow for users to ignore international usage of the internet and bi-pass standard rights and licensing. We do not condone the following act and have not tested it ourselves as it is against the terms of these services.

The ability to watch the English Premier League is the most expensive and challenging feat in the world of sport entertainment, the Brownlee brothers think they have it hard on the final mile of a triathlon, well think of all us sport fans trying to watch our team play every week, it is almost impossible. With Sky and BT constantly on this tug of war with the games and then limited channels to play all the games means many games are not even available on any major British channel. This seems to me inherently wrong, the amount of taxpayers money in extra policing at every game along with the stress on infrastructure outside every football stadium on most Saturdays makes watching the football our god given right.

Now you probably have heard of Eurosport, a popular channel for watching everything from cycling, tennis, snooker and dozens of sports you only ever watch when the Olympics is on. What you probably are not aware of is every European country has different rights to show different sports, this means France may have different sports than the UK. There are a lot of countries in Europe and if any of the larger countries had the premier league games you would probably know about it. However all our Premier League games can be viewed on the Romanian subscription of Eurosport.

Imagine it, we pay all these taxes for the logistics of football and have to pay through the nose to be able to watch even a single game, yet almost 1500 miles away people can watch every game for a mere 29.99 Euros a year! which is roughly £26, that’s how much it costs me to purchase a train ticket just to get to the Emirates, then £50 for a single ticket, after already paying £45 a year for my membership.

So how do you get access to the Romanian Eurosport Channels?

First thing to realise is Eurosport have and on demand service which works no differently to Netflix, where you pay monthly or yearly for instant online access to on demand videos.

Step One

To ensure the content works outside of Romania you will need a VPN proxy. Hola is the standard VPN service and works as a simple plugin on your browser which allows you to select the country you wish to browse from. The screen shot below shows the Hola extension in the top right with Romanian flag. We are also on the Romanian Eurosport website . Each VPN is different so this may not be what you see.

Step Two

Signup on the Romanian site, you can use Pay-pal to pay for your subscription and use your browsers translation tool to navigate the page, Google Chrome has the easiest translation option. If you know someone with a Romanian bank account then this would be a better option as it would make this technique full proof.


Once you have done this that is pretty much it. Every time you log in to Eurosport you must have your VPN turned on first so it appears that you are in Romania. There is still a bit of the Romanian language to contend with but when your getting every Premier League game at this price you can’t really complain.

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