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Does Napster still exist?

Yes, it is now a fully compliant music streaming service owned by rhapsody.

Is Napster illegal?

No not since its been bough by rhapsody and is now a paid subscription service.

Is Napster free?

No, it got found guilty of this so is now charging and paying the artists and record labels.

How much is Napster monthly?

£9.99 pm in the US and £10 per month in the UK.#

How do I cancel my Napster subscription?

You may cancel your Napster subscription by visiting your Napster account and clicking Cancel Subscription at the bottom of the account summary.

Is Napster Available on iphone and Android?

Yes it is available as an app on all major devices and through your browser.

Napster Review

Napster, its back, but now its legal, the famous music download service is now a paid streaming service with 1000s of artists. It has been around way before facebook and other huge sites making it almost as old as the internet itself. Napster comes highly recommended so why not give it a go with a free 30 day trial?. Available worldwide.

Napster in its infant years were surely the first major internet pirates. If you are unsure about the history of Napster then lets have a brief recap. In the 1990’s and the first days of the internet music listeners (so everyone) would have to purchase songs from a shop in the form of a CD or LP. It wasn’t until a few University students decided to create a solution called Napster. The concept was different to how it is today, users could upload their own music for anyone to download. Now this is obviously illegal today, back then it was a new concept as the Internet was young so at first was probably seen as a grey area. It did not take long for the music industry to quickly sue Napster out of existence. It is without doubt the first major online music service and is known to have inspired the creators of Spotify, so we have much to thank Napster for.

The Name Napster and its domain is so popular and widely known that is was just a matter of time before the name was brought back in to the music industry, after all it did revolutionize music sharing as we know it today. Eventually this happened by Rhapsody buying the name and eventually just re-branding itself to Napster worldwide. Once the grandfather of all online music streaming it is now a direct competitor for Spotify, Apple music, Deezer and so on…

Initially the service appears rather impressive with around 15 million tracks in comparison to Spotify’s 7 million (ish). However, to warn you many tracks seem to be 30 seconds long, we are not sure if this is an error or some trickery to say it has such a huge library? Just because it has a huge library does not mean you won’t struggle to find certain artists, the same as Spotify.

Napster Free trial is available on both app and desktop so access should be no issue for anyone in todays modern world. The user interface is also very simple, be it a little to basic for me with lack of information such as file size/bitrate etc… The service seems to have all the top 100 chart hits so if you’re a fan of your commercial music then Napster can give you everything you want. Your offline options gives you up to 100 songs to download but will also be dependent on your device storage.

Napster appears to be a decent price at $9.99 for regular users, however it also has a business plan which would be for more commercial use.


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