7 New Movies on Starz – 2020 update

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As you probably already know, every month, online streaming websites add new movies to their lists. These “new” movies might not be very new, but they’re new to Starz. 

For the month of October, Starz will add a large list of movies for you to stream. Some of them are dramas, thrillers, and even comedies. There’s something for everyone on this list. Below are seven of those new movies that you just have to check out if you’ve never seen them! 

7 New Movies Available on Starz

  1. Carrie (1976)
  2. Fatal Attraction (1987)
  3. Spider-Man 3 (2007)
  4. Hotel Transylvania (2012)
  5. Spy Kids (2001)
  6. Titanic (1997)
  7. I Am Bolt (2016)

1. Carrie


Carrie (1976) – IMDb

IMDb RatingRotten Tomatoes RatingWhere Else to Watch
7.4/ 1083/ 100Starz Free Trial
Amazon Prime (rent or buy)

When you’re looking for a movie for the spooky month of October, nothing sounds better than the classic film based on the novel that gave Stephen King his fame. The 1976 version of Carrie is sure to spook you.

Carrie (Sissy Spacek) follows the tale of Carrie White. She’s a shy girl raised by an overbearing religious mother. Growing up sheltered has limited Carrie’s social skills, which we see through the film as Carrie tries to navigate high school. After a humiliating event at the senior prom, Carrie uses her new telekinetic powers to get revenge on those who wronged her. 

This movie is rated R, so be careful who is in your viewing party. This film is an intense thriller that’s perfect for Halloween. Be prepared to be scared!

2. Fatal Attraction


Fatal Attraction (1987) – IMDb

IMDb RatingRotten Tomatoes RatingWhere Else to Watch
6.9/ 1078/ 100Starz Free Trial
Amazon Prime Free Trial

If you’re looking for a classic drama, look no further than Fatal Attraction. This rated R film is sure to set you on edge in the best way.

Dan (Michael Douglas) is a married man who has a one night stand with the beautiful Alex (Glenn Close). However, Dan moves on and forgets about his affair. Unfortunately for him and his family, Alex isn’t going to stop until she gets him back. 

Alex uses every method in the book to try and get Dan back, including a suicide attempt and introducing herself to his wife. What started out as a simple one-night stand turns dangerous throughout the course of the movie. 

If you’re looking for a suspenseful drama, this is a fan favorite you won’t want to miss. Or if you’ve seen it already, it’s a great film to rewatch. 

3. Spider-Man 3


Spider-Man 3 (2007) – IMDb

IMDb RatingRotten Tomatoes RatingWhere Else to Watch
6.2/ 1077/ 100Starz Free Trial
Amazon Prime (rent or buy)

Any of the Spider-Man films are a great option for a family movie night. This one, in particular, is memorable for its introduction of a fan-favorite villain: Venom (Topher Grace). 

This movie is all about the struggle Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) goes through as he faces new villains and an evil organism that looks strangely similar to Spider-Man. Peter is also grappling with his relationship with Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst). We see Spider-Man fighting against the villain Sandman in addition to going up against Venom. 

This film introduces the viewers to a slightly older Peter Parker. It’s a great PG-13 film that teenagers are sure to enjoy. 

4. Hotel Transylvania


Hotel Transylvania (2012) – IMDb

IMDb RatingRotten Tomatoes RatingWhere Else to Watch
7.1/ 1078/ 100Starz Free Trial
Amazon Prime (rent or buy)

Halloween is just around the corner, and kids are going to want some wholesome monster fun. Hotel Transylvania is a great kids movie that is making its way to Starz on October 14, 2020.

The story follows Dracula (Adam Sandler) as he learns how to raise his 118-year-old daughter, Mavis (Selena Gomez), as he runs a monster-only hotel. Mavis wants to see the world, go to the place her parents met, and fall for her own true love. 

When the plan backfires because of a lie her father tells, Mavis is resigned to living out the rest of her life in the family hotel. However, when the human Johnny (Andy Samberg) shows up, the life of everyone at the hotel is turned upside down.

It’s the relationship between Dracula and Johnny that set this movie apart. Instead of focusing on the love story, we see Dracula learn new things through a human’s eyes. Trust and acceptance are shown in the bond they develop by the end of the film.

5. Spy Kids


Spy Kids (2001) – IMDb

IMDb RatingRotten Tomatoes RatingWhere Else to Watch
5.5/ 1071/ 100Starz Free Trial
Amazon Prime (rent or buy)

Spy Kids isn’t a brand-new movie, but it’s a fun family film for kids of all ages. While it doesn’t have a great IMDb rating, it’s still a pleasant movie that kids are sure to enjoy watching. Who doesn’t want to be a spy when they’re a kid?

The film follows the lives of brother and sister, Carmen (Alexa PenaVega) and Juni (Daryl Sabara). These two kids grow up not knowing their parents were once two of the world’s greatest spies. When their parents get kidnapped, Carmen and Juni must set aside their sibling rivalry and work together to rescue them.

It’s a story full of action and funny gadgets. Kids take charge of their destiny as they race to find the people they love and save the world in the process.

6. Titanic


Titanic (1997) – IMDb

IMDb RatingRotten Tomatoes RatingWhere Else to Watch
7.8/ 1089/ 100Starz Free Trial
Amazon Prime (rent or buy)

While not based on a true story, it was inspired by actual events. The Titanic’s true story is a sad one, which we see in this film through the beautiful story it tells.

Star-crossed lovers, Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet), were never meant to be together. Jack is a poor artist while Rose comes from a wealthy family and is engaged to an even wealthier man. Rose falls in love with Jack’s spontaneous nature, and they begin a secret affair aboard the Titanic as they make their way across the Atlantic Ocean.

The Titanic’s tragic true story comes to pass at the end of this film, and viewers are left hoping and praying that Jack and Rose can beat the odds. Can they conquer fate and a sinking ship to live happily ever after?

Even though the love story isn’t real, how the ship finds itself at the bottom of the ocean is true. It’s a film that has captivated audiences around the world.

7. I Am Bolt


I Am Bolt (2016) – IMDb

IMDb RatingRotten Tomatoes RatingWhere Else to Watch
7.1/ 1066/ 100Starz Free Trial
Amazon Prime (rent or buy)

I Am Bolt is a fully authorized documentary that is sure to inspire those who watch it. If you love to learn more about the athletes who win Olympic medals, you’re going to want to watch this one!

The documentary follows Usain Bolt, who appears in the film as himself. Bolt is considered the fastest man alive. He was born and raised in Jamaica and went on to win several gold medals in the Olympics. This documentary will go through some never-before-seen footage of his childhood, as well as from his fourth Olympic race.

This film shows how hard work and dedication can make all of your dreams come true. Rated PG and suitable for children age seven and older, I Am Bolt is sure to be a hit at the next family movie night.

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