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Audible was bought by Amazon in 2008, and is now available in numerous countries and still growing. You can sign up to its 30 day free trial.During the trial you get a completely free audio book, which is yours to keep for life even if you cancel.

How does audible compare with competitors?

Audible like to boast they have the largest selection of audio books with, with tens of thousand's more than any competitor, however this is self-proclamation. Being the most well known in its niche it could well be true.  A single credit is worth 1 book, no matter how much the book is worth.

Audible vs Google Play

With Google you purchase books outright, this means you will be paying $5-$10 per read, whereas with Audible you will be paying the same amount for  say 5 credits to read 5 books (depending on your currency and Audible plan). It is also worth considering the fierce competition between Google and Amazon.

You will have access to thousands of titles suitable for adults and children. With a vast selection of the best selling series such as Harry potter, Game of Thrones and much much more.

Is audible free with Prime?

No. Audible is a separate service which can be added to your Amazon account, or directly at the audible website and app.

How To cancel Audible account?

If you have a direct audible account from the audible website…

  1. Go to the Account Details page on the Audible website. Use a standard internet browser ideally on a pc or mac
  2. Click Cancel membership at the bottom of the "View membership details" section.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and steps.

If your audible is connected to your amazon account…

  1. Go to https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=202162240
  2. And click End membership

How much does audible cost?

On Amazon and directly it will cost $14.95 per month after your 30 day trial where you are given 2 tokens for 2 books.

Is there a cheaper alternative to audible?

There are many alternatives, you can see all our free audiobook free trials by clicking  here..

But to highlight a few

  • audiobooks.com – same price £14.95 and 2 free books
  • Audiobooksnow - $4.99 per month after free trial 1 free book and 35-40% off any following books
  • Allyoucanbooks – 30 days all the books you can listen to (but you do not own them)

What does an audible subscription get you?

If you are paying or not once you have an account you will have the audible book for life, this is becasue you purchase the books with a subscription rather than just having access to them. This is different to streaming services where you never actually own the thing you’re watching.

Each month you will get a new token to purchase any book available, regardless of price. The Tokens will roll over each month. So if you do not get a book for 6 months then you will have 6 tokens.

Recently they have also released an extra 2 Audiobooks so you get 3 a month. However these extra 2 books are a selection of about 6 books that audible will release every month, also known as Audible Originals.

Are Kindle books audible?

No, this is a different service. It may advertise the book as being audible if available as they are both run by Amazon. Realistically most books are becoming audible.

Can you only listen to one book a month on audible?

Yes, You can listen to as many books as you have in your library an unlimited amount of times.

Do you get unlimited books with Audible?

No and yes, you get to purchase 1 book a month with your subscription, but then you can purchase as many additional books as you wish. Audible is just a library to buy and store your books not a subscription service where you have access to all the whole library.

How many books can you return on Audible?

Lots/unlimited, the return policy is 365 days. This allows you to get trigger happy and return books. It will only block you from returning if you appear to be taking advantage of this.

How many books do you get with Audible Free Trial?

Depends what country you are in. For example US customers get 2 but UK customers only 1.

Can you keep audible books after free trial?

Yes, they are essentially just free books in a digital audio format. It is your property.

Do I lose my books if I cancel audible?

No they are yours to keep, you will still be able to access your audible account

Do you own audible books forever?

Yes, they are your property. Unless Audible goes bust and you have not downloaded your books and they delete all assets.

Can I share my audible book with a friend?

Yes, just like a real book you can give your books to your friends via the audible app.

Can I listen to audible without a subscription?

You need to have an account/app. But yes, if you have bought a book or someone has shared with you then you can.

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