Audible is one of those multi million pound ideas, someone said one day, 'lets take all the audio books available through amazon and make it into its own niche website', and now look at it, the undisputed market for audio books. There is little reason you would not want to get a free audio book, available in numerous countries and still growing. We can't guarantee this offer will be round forever, so best to just grab your freebie whilst you can.

How does it audible with competitors?

Audible like to boast they have the largest selection of audible with, with ten's of thousand's more than any competitor, however this is self proclamation. Being the most well known in it's particular niche it could well be true. The service will typically allow you to purchase any book with up to a 30% discount. A single token is also worth 1 book, no matter how much the book is worth.

Audible vs Google Play - With Google you purchase books outright, this means you will be paying $5-$10 per read, whereas with audible your will be paying the same amount for  say 5 tokens to read 5 books (depending on your currency and audible plan). It is also worth considering the fierce competition between Google and Amazon. It would be no surprise if in the near future Amazon block all books other than those bought from Audible being read on Amazon made devices.

You will have access to thousands of titles suitable for abuts and children. With a vast selection of the best selling series such as Harry potter, Harry Potter sequels, Game of Thrones,  Prequels and much much more.